Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/17/2014 - Mazatlan Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

 So this week was awesome, we had some really good lessons and a trip to the hospital for my companion, ha i seem to always go but never for myself. Thats good right? or did i just jinx myself? oh well it was good, anyway, we have a lot going on and we are working pretty hard. We have been contacting quite a few people and ever Sunday we have mission activity and it is really awesome, we have the ward members and we teach them what missionaries do and we do practices. Hopefully the people will be able to see how they can share the gospel with people. It was really awesome!

   This week we had our water fixed and now we have hot water, wow i never knew how amazing hot water was, i have been taking cold showers for about eleven months, its amazing. I am so happy to have just the little things, its been a really great blessing to realize all that i have and what i miss most. We have a junta this week and the Presidente of our mission is going to talk to us. So excited for the meeting always great. 

    I don't really have that many stories this week but we did find a huge rat in the street and we pranked the elders, it was hilarious, they gave us the keys to their house to get a memory card for a sister, and so yeah the pictures should do justice, ha this was for the hour change that they did on us about a month ago, we slept in an extra hour and missed a lesson, crazy elders.  oh i also got a picture of a dog biting the pants of Elder Palacios, its true, dogs do not like mailmen and missionary's. we were walking down the boardwalk and saw a man jumping off of a really really really high pinnacle, it was awesome but scary at the same time. 

    Well that is all that i have this week i will have more this next week, thanks for everything, also thank you for the people who have sent me letters, i truly enjoy reading them and knowing more about you and your families and everything. i love you all. Thanks.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Dog attacking Elder Palacios' shoe

Hermana Newmeyer

Helping the Elder's decorate?

Do you have toilet paper?

Edler's walking the street

High Diving

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