Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5/25/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Hey Everybody,

  This week was great, we walked a lot and i do believe that we are out of shape. I was huffing and puffing when we walked up one hill to visit with our investigators its was wonderful. Anyway, we had a baptism in our ward this Sunday in the area of the elders, it was beautiful, the young man decided Saturday evening to be baptized and they put together the whole baptism so that he could be baptized the morning of Sunday and then confirmed a couple of hours later, it was an amazing experience. 

    We have also contacted quite a few people that are interested to hear more about the gospel. We also lost quite a few people and they are just not ready to accept the gospel but the missionaries that are coming will have about 5 families ready to be baptized. Anyway, So many things to do, so little time, and definitely don't know what else to write. I know that God loves us and that he wants the best for his children, whether its waiting for another 5 years to be baptized or in the moment like Paul with the Eunich in the very hour that he explained the scripture they went down in the water and was baptized. 

   I love that with all of the knowledge in the world today with degrees and masters saying how much we understand the gospel or the life of Christ, no one can help you understand the meaning of pure testimony than the Holy Ghost and experience. The sweet assurance and just knowing that its true burns within us and helps us to understand just a little bit more. I am happy to say that I know it to be true, I love you all have a good week!


Hermana Newmeyer

Log Man

Street Fire


Playing Pool with the District

Hermana Lopez & Newmeyer

The District

Saturday, May 23, 2015

5/18/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Scorpion again, Ward Choir, Bolichi!

Hey Everybody,

 This week was great, so every time we have a new companion in our house we always find a scorpion, this time it was a lot smaller but still scary, my companion took a boot to it and was attacking it very vigorously, if you could imagine that. Anyway, the last one was way bigger and i found it crawling on my arm, so thank goodness it was on the floor this time.

  Also we were asked to be a part of the ward choir and the choir director had her daughter in law make us skirts and flower corsages it was great! everyone was all matchy! and the men brought their suit coats and black ties. it was great, We had fun. Also this week we were able to find a lot of people and ask them to be baptized they all said yes so now we are just teaching them and little by little we start to see the progress and the light of Christ enter their lives, its so beautiful!

  I know that this gospel is true, its so beautiful and there is no doubt in my soul that i know it to be true, ask me to read any line from the Book of Mormon and i will ask you if its from God or from the devil, and only through the holy ghost will we know if it's true. I know it's true and like the 8 witnesses in the Book of Mormon the very last line of their testimony says "we do not lie, for God is our witness".  I know it is true.

Always Happy,
Hermana Newmeyer




Missionaries in the Ward Choir

Ward Choir

Hermana Newmeyer with members of ward

Hermana Newmeyer & Lopez

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5/11/2015 - Culiacan Letter

Museo de Ciencias

Hey everybody,

  This week was good and sad. We lost another investigator this week, she texted us a message saying she couldn't listen to us anymore.  So she won't be getting baptized next week, but we are still hoping for others to continue on. We found someone new and it was pretty cool, we passed by her the other day and she was outside smoking and me and my companion had the thought to pass by her and we didn't, but then the next day we passed again and i couldn't ignore the feeling we stopped and began chatting with her she asked if we wanted to step in and share we said yes and the spirit was so beautiful we were teaching her about baptism and what it means to make a covenant and she asked us at the end before we did, if we could come back this next week. We were so happy and just ready, it was a beautiful sweet experience.

  Today we went to the Museum of Science it was great! we had a whole bunch of hands on experiences and i was having so much fun we played with everything. We also ate pizza again and this time i only ate 3 slices, it was too much for me. I love that we had time to go to the museum to have fun as a district it was great.

  Well only a few weeks left, what would you do if you only had a few weeks left, work hard, do your best and never give up! (quote from my dad) This has been an amazing experience and we have been able to do all that we can and more, serving our Savior to the end, I am so happy that i have this opportunity. Thank you all for your support and letters i have enjoyed every single one of them. love you all.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Monday, May 4, 2015

5/4/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics


Hey Everyone,

 This week was great, and today was wonderful ill let the pictures explain all, because i don't have much time.

  The work of the Lord continues and we all have the opportunity to be apart of it, and whether or not if we see the difference in our own lives. I am truly grateful for the experiences and blessings that i have had here in the mission and that i could be apart of the work of the lord. This week we are excited to continue to work and do our best that we may be able to help others come unto Christ!

 I love you all thanks for your letters and support, i know i would not have done it with out you. Thank you.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer