Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, April 28, 2014

4/28/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

  Well this week has been great and i learned a lot. First off a quote from Elder Dallin H. Oaks, he says:

    "To know is not enough, To testify is to know and say, To be converted is to do and become." 

   Now read it again but slower, What i know is not total, what i testify is what i say but when i am converted, is when i act. What have you done this week to be converted?  have you prayed, earnestly asking specifically, this is important, specifically, the Lord is specific, love one another, obey my commandments etc. This week I have become closer to being converted, I am realizing what it takes to have the fullness of the gospel in our lives. 

   I was talking with my companion and finding out a little bit about her family, and her parents were married in the temple, but are separated when she was 15 or 16 which was about 6 years ago, and she told me that when she wanted to serve a mission she wanted her parents there with her, through everything, she told how happy she was when her mom decided to go to church with her. She then expressed her joy to me when she said that she had her father also attend and they were all in church, she was thrilled and excited and receives letters from them and they are still in church. 

   Stop and realize your families in this moment, where you are and how blessed you have been for everything. Families are so important to Heavenly Father, this is how we are to live after Death with Him and our Families! I love my family so much! The families here are broken, separated, hurt, trying to find out where they are, and just striving to make it through the day.  Then there are families that are happy, and feel the joy of the gospel. oh if i could just plant the seed of this gospel in the hearts of others what joy and peace they could have.

What´s the difference between a seed and a pebble everyone? The seed GROWS. If you´re spending your time and energy and heart and thoughts on something and it isn't growing, or progressing, or bringing you REAL joy, maybe you´re watering and nurturing a rock. Go find a seed. I promise you there´s a good one in The Book of Mormon. Try it out!

 This week we had a couple visitors in our house namely Cockroach, we had at least 4 maybe 5 i can't remember but we were looking for one of the little buggers for about 30 minutes and we couldn't find it, turns out he was hiding in my BED!!! aaaaagggggggghhhhhhh, i was antsy all night! i wanted to sleep on my desk.  We also have what is called heat, and when you walk in it all day, you sweat, and smell. One day, my companion and i were walking i could feel the sweat dripping down my back and my face, we had little rags to wipe off the sweat and they were drenched, we started laughing and it was just funny that we were so hot and sweating like crazy i looked like a red tomato and my companion was just wet looking, it was the best! 

   I love you all thank you for reading my letters. The foto of the house with the cows is for Anna, this lady had at least 50 cow figures in front of her house, and more in her house! I thought of Anna and Richard old and in a house full of cows. Also the foto of the little dog is for Emma and Brady, there are so many little dogs that think they are the king of their territory. This week has been awesome and i promise more pictures next week!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Cockroaches Everywhere - Even in My Bed

Here a Cow, There a Cow, Everywhere a Cow........

A Red Tree

Chiwawa - King of the House

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4/22/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

   So this week was amazing, we had many many appointments but they all fell through, you know how frustrating that is, when you make an appointment and then they are not there.  oh well, so we found new investigators two donkeys and a really fat cow. We have the weirdest animals here i can't wait to find a pig or a goat or maybe something exotic, oh well.  ha ha something funny, so when our appointments fail we go look for people, or menos actives and one was Brinda, well Brinda was interesting, we started out and looked in a couple area but she wasn't there. We headed to this gray apartment building and found this woman, with really bad hair lights, it looked faked. But anyway we proceeded to ask if there was a woman there by the name of Brinda, well she replied and i was taken a back, then i looked closer her shoulders were really wide and she had a five o clock shadow, yeah, Brinda is a guy. So that was fun, we were laughing afterwards, but she/he was not interested and so we left and hope all is well.  

   Ha ha so i can eat normal now! but i am still eating as much vegatables and fruit as possible and i don't look like im pregnant. Oh and the last photo i sent holding something to my face and my face looks swollen, well its because i'm getting fat, yup folks, you can get fat on your mission, the food is so good! and the members love to feed the missionaries fat juicy meals, so mom you will probably will have a little gourdita for your daughter. he he. 

    Miracle after miracle this week, first my companion!!!! wow, we just clicked and are helping each other in everything and its amazing. Our lessons are powerful, and full of the spirit and we know what the other is saying is correct and we laugh during the day and talk, its beautiful. Second, I can talk in Spanish.......... wow, how cool, special, awesome, and wonderful this is! there is still some gramatica i don't have any clue about and still words i have no idea but i can speak the language i can carry on a normal conversation with someone, as long as it its about the gospel, weather, and my family. This is awesome!! I am so excited and so blessed for the lord in helping me accomplish this.

"if we humbly, quietly trust in the Lord, He will give us strength and guidance in every challenge we face. When our only desire is to serve Him, we will be blessed with a deep inner peace." Success is commitment. Not results. He asks for your heart. I know He lives. The knowledge burns in my heart from a source nobody can take away from me. If we truly and sincerely desire the will of God it will come, and we will be able to do anything!  This is my testimony, that he live s and loves each one of us. I know it, and God knows it and i can't deny it. I love you all thank you.

Always Happy, (and maybe getting fat),

 Hermana Newmeyer

Cow in the Street

Creative Breakfast

Donkeys in the Street

It's a Plane, ........

Cinderella Mask and Cape

Captain America Mask and Cape


Nacho Libre Mask

Nacho Libra Mask - Napolian Style


New Companion

Street Vendors

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Cambios y Nuevo Compañero!!

Hola from down under,

   Well a little down under, not exactly, but you know what i mean. Oh this week couldn´t be more amazing, wonderful, challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and gratifying.  My heart has been troubled much and with the strugglings of learning what the Lord wants me to do in this area, to understand the people and to know who they are and to be able to share the gospel. I feel sometimes like my heart is crying and my soul hungers for these people to help them in knowing Jesus Christ more. oh it hurts.  "My heart says I should, I know I should, but I´m afraid or I don´t have time or I don´t want the responsibility of that knowledge so I am not going to do it" Needless to say, my heart has been wearing lots of spiritual band-aids lately, because what more can I do as a missionary of Jesus Ch rist than offer these people the best news that has ever existed, and they feel the truth in their hearts and mind? What more can I do than invite? I am telling you right now, that the fact that missionaries "invite" is not a coincidence. This is the same pattern of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has given everything. The deed is done. The sacrifice has been made. What is He inviting you to do? Have you talked with our Father lately to find out? Are you listening to the whisperings of the Spirit to know? Are you relying on the Atonement of the Only Begotten Son to accomplish, to do, to become? I know that this gospel is true and at times we have to make the effort, make the first step and become what Heavenly Father wants us to become!

     Anyway, this week has been great, we visited a menos active member and she owns a little store and every time we visit she usually gives us a present or sells us something for really cheap when its suppose to be more. Well this time she gave us a paper bird, its gigantic, i have no idea how i am suppose to send this thing home, but its crazy. Oh so i had a great idea, this is for the families that want something from Mexico, send me a pack age (with stuff in it from USA, if you don't know what to send call my mom, she has a list of my favorite candy and stuff) anyway, send the package and in that same package i'll stuff it full of knick knacks from mexico and something for the family!! and then send it back :) 

    We had a baptism this week in the other ward, it was so beautiful. The sister that was getting baptized had such a beautiful smile and you could feel her spirit radiating from her. She was so excited to get baptized, it was kinda funny when she was baptized, so she is what we call gourdita, which means a little fat. Well the elder that was baptizing her was about half her size probably a little more and he had to baptize her 4 times before she finally made it under the water. There were waves in the font going back and forth and the elder was soaking wet. It was precious at the same time, because she was so happy and glad that she was baptized. 

    So we had Cambios (transfers) I am staying in my area but receiving a new companion, talk about being scared out of my wits!!! My new Companion is Hermana Vasquez, she is from Puebla, and everyone says that she is a great missionary and has the spirit with her always. I'm excited to be working with her and get to know her. But I also have to teach her the area as well, oh that's going to be interesting, i get lost so easily. Anyway, I am eager to go and learn and do all that I can in this area. Before we went and got my new companion, a sister in the ward took us out to eat and we had octopus..........OH it was so Delicious!! I was happy, and now i am even more happy! It was great.

   This week has been awesome!  Do, Become, Act!!

 Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Paper Bird

New Member


Hermana's and Member

The District

Sunrise? / Sunset?





Shrimp & Octopus

Monday, April 7, 2014

4/7/2014 - San Cabos Letters & Pics

La Paz Again and Hospital?!?!‏


   Before anyone freaks out, i'm fine, i'll explain later in the email the details of what happened. So this week has been wonderful! First off my companion and i worked really hard to get 25 lessons this week, we had five lessons on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday, then we went to La Paz on Thursday, and then 5 more lessons on Friday, overall i think we got around 20, so close but not quite. Its amazing when we have the opportunity to share the gospel here doors just open wide and say come in! we taught so many usually we only teach about 8-10 lessons a week so we doubled our numbers and that's pretty amazing!  We both prayed for lessons this week for many if not more, and we were blessed. The Lord really does answer our prayers, I am finding out all we have to do is ask, simple ask, but then in turn we have to work hard and trust the Lord will help us in our efforts.

   We went to La Paz again, let me just say BEAUTIFUL!!!! but yeah, i love it here, every time i see the desert or a cactus or a dead bug, or a homeless man sleeping in the garbage filled streets, or the cardboard box homes, with dirty smiling children in front, kicking a can around playing Soccer. I stop and I think of how much i am blessed, how much I have, how much I can share, and the wonderful experiences that I have here, and to be able to share the love and joy of this Gospel.  Oh what blessings await for those who are obedient to all of Gods Commandments, I have seen many things and felt more through the Holy Ghost as he testifies of the truth of gospel principles, Love, Charity, Obedience, Faith, Work, Trust, Repentance, etc. I could go on.  

   In La Paz we had another meeting with President Velez, and his assistants had a power point for us and taught us about using our materials that we use for finding and recording people that we teach. It was awesome, but what was difficult was the three hour bus ride there and back..... in one day.... ouch. What was worst was my stomach was hurting something awful, but that's for later. We had brought sandwiches with us and juice and cake (because we had extra to spare from my companion's birthday) it was great we were sitting in a gazebo and the wind was blowing in from the sea and the water was there and life seemed perfect in that moment. 

    Sooooo about five days ago, i had drunken something from our investigators home it was Juice of Jamaica, soooo good by the way, and afterwards i didn't feel that great, anyway we continued working and doing all that we could in finding and teaching investigators. Well the pain increased, and it felt like someone decided to use my stomach as a punching bag, and Saturday was conference so we were walking and now it felt like i had run a triathlon, with the sharp pain in the side and the difficulty breathing, and i looked fat, like really fat, well bloated to me more exact, and now i was walking like a duck holding my stomach and wincing every time i was going up or down stairs, and then the diarrhea started, that's when it wasn't fun. Saturday we called the mission doctor and she said that i needed to visit the hospital because of my bloating, so away we went with me waddling and wincing with each step. 

Stomach Medicine

  Once we got to the Hospital, it wasn't much more of a doctors office, but we checked in and the doctor examined me and listened to my stomach and she said that i had Gastritis, yup folks, i had the bad case of Gas, and a lot of it, but because of the diarrhea i couldn't release it so i looked like a hippo. Yeah, the joys of eating in another country and your body going like "WOAH, What did you just give me?!?!?! I can't handle this right now, what are you trying to do kill your-self" yeah it was a party in my stomach all week long, and i couldn't join.  Anyway, needless to say, i was given some drugs and now i feel fabulous, well the apartment doesn't smell too good now,......oops. 

  General Conference!!!! Loved it!! Especially after the first session when we saw the world report and i got to see the Gilbert Temple Celebration, i keep thinking Elizabeth is in there somewhere!!  So beautiful, please go to the Temple for me I love it so much, one place where we literally are close to Heavenly Father.

  So that's about all for this week, we have transfers this Sunday, i'm most likely staying in this area, i heard from my district leader, that the missionaries stay in their area for at least 6 months and then change. I love it here, the people are amazing. The language is coming, but really slowly, i can understand a way lot more than before my mission, that's a blessing. I know that this gospel is true, every moment i am here learning and teaching, my faith grows stronger and stronger, and i am understanding my Savior more and more. He lives and loves each one of us. We just simple need to ask and believe. Oh what joy fills my heart, i want to just do the best that i can. This is it!! 

  Firmes en la Fe = True to the Faith (rough translation) 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Pinata with the District

Happy Birthday to my Companion

The Ants come marching in by 100, harrah.....

Surfer Dude Crossing

Cute and Cuddly Tiger

Cute and Cuddly Tiger Again

Cute and Well, you get the idea

Just Me

Hey Mom,

i was able to see all of the Conference it was amazing, I love you so much, this week has been crazy and wonderful at the same time. I had to visit the Hospital this week, but all is well and i am thriving living person. really, i'm okay. but i had gastritis, which means a lot, a lot a lot of gas and diarrhea, and maybe some vomiting, but it never got that worst with me, so i didn't vomit. :) I looked really fat too, :) Hehe anyway i'm not allowed to eat anything greasy, bread/flour, salsa, soda, meat, and some cheeses, so all i have been eating is jello and eggs for the past two days, yippee, not really, but i don't want to get sick again i have to wait till the end of the week to make sure i don't need to do anything else. More details in my letter to dad. I'm glad that dad got to go to his mission reunion, did he talk about me on my mission? ooh i can't wait for my mission reunion ;)  a sister here bought me a dress today, which was really nice, um.... nothing else we have transfers this week and so i don't know if i am staying or leaving, theirs a rumor usually the people on the peninsula stay for 6 months so that's about 3-4 transfers this is my 2 so probably will be staying on this side of the water! I love you mom, thank you so much for your support, i'm glad that everyone is reading my letters i don't really get any email, so i don't know who reads my emails, is there anything that they want me to post a foto of or something special, let me know :) thanks. Le amo mucho mama, gracias por todo su amor y también por su testimonio en este iglesia y en Jesucristo. Es muy especial cuando los padres tienen testimonios y tienen llamamientos in la iglesia. Recuerdo la expiación y el amor El Señor tiene por todo en este mundo. Gracias otra vez por ayudarme en preparo por mi misión, este experiencia es muy hermosa! Le quiero mucho. Gracias!!

Siempre con Amor,

Hermana Newmeyer

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3/31/2014 - San Cabos Letters

Hey Everybody,

  This week has been amazing! and lets just say i can see now why missionaries want to stay on their missions, its energizing, exciting, spiritual, uplifting, and fresh breath of air, with maybe some chips on the side,oh and some frijoles with queso,... yum. Anyway, we have had many lessons this week and some all the way in La Playita, another suburban type area. But all the streets are dirt and the houses tiny, and no trees it was a city in the desert, oh and the day we went decided to be extra hot, and so we sweated a lot, i turned about the color of a tomato in about 20 minutes. haha it was great, i was excited that we were in another area looking for new investigators!! the bus ride itself was about 20 minutes. ;) 

   oh so my companion made a Mexican pastry....well.....lets just say that I found Heaven here on earth through this little pastry, cake, thingy, oh my it was so delicious, the right consistency and not too sweet and not to bland. Hehe i had a dream about it two nights ago, if you will recall the movie of 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs' and the part where the food is floating around like a dream, that was my dream and i was eating the pastry and i was so happy. I explained my dream to my companion and she about died laughing, and we laughed so much this week! It was great, i want to make this desert when I come home, so easy and yet so delicious!!

  Okay, im not clumsy, the sidewalks here are just crooked! i have fallen numerous times or stubbed my toe or foot on the cracks of the sidewalks and every time we laugh, because its funny, i need my eyes on my feet to see where the sidewalk is.  The buses are another story, its great when we have a man come on the bus and sing for everyone while playing the guitar and its great! i want to do the same thing when Christmas comes and sing on the buses Christmas hymns and share the gospel. ;) my soul is filled with excitement when i think of this.  

  The importance of staying positive....... always always think positive, how can the spirit dwell in us when we are constantly thinking of negative thoughts, either about someone else or even ourselves it doesn't have to be a grand thought to be negative just something simple.  Its very important that we constantly think of how the savior would think, he loved everyone, even when they spit  upon him and crucified him.  We are not perfect, it will not happen over night, we will make mistakes, but that is the beauty of repentance, to be able to confess our sins to God and then start anew.   

   I love it here and the people, they are so beautiful. Mexicans are amazing, they are genuine, they mean what they say and when they offer anything they really mean to offer. They are hard workers and they know the importance of familias, there parties are the best, they invite everyone, their relatives, friends, other friends, and its just one big party of food, laughter, games and socializing with everyone. I love it!!

    Haha so don't say yes to seconds when you are full, yeah that was a fun night for me. So Sunday was my Companions Birthday, and we now have two cakes, a chicken and more food than two skinny people can eat in our house, but Sunday we ate at a members home and we had tin foil dinner, soooo good, potato with mushrooms, some kind of meat, and cheese. Once that was cooked you could add poco de gallo (tomato, onion, etc) and crema (sour cream) guacamole, oh it was so good, so i had about a normal looking potato and i added a lot of toppings and ate with tortillas, when the Sister asked if i wanted more, i said yes (because its rude when you say no, its like saying i don't like your food) anyway, so i had more sopa with it as well, just regular pasta and the next potato that she brought out was twice the size of my first potato, and i had to eat all of it.  Needless to say, i felt like a 4 month pregnant woman i was so full, i couldn't take another bite. Well it was my companions birthday, so there was cake too,........:p so i had some cake as well, it was delicious but my stomach was screaming, too much, too much, she's going to blow!!! i can't eat anymore. i was very sleepy afterwards and we had to walk back to our apartment which was about a mile, so i was extremely tired and full. 

  It was great though, i was happy.  Today we celebrated again my companions birthday and there was another cake, so we took that home as well, :) Cake for all!!! it was great and the left over food as well. We had a pinata and water balloons but didn't throw them we didn't have time. It was a great week, full of spiritual learning and the light of Christ in our lives. We learn to communicate every day with the people around us and with Heavenly Father every time our knees hit the ground and our hearts open up to him as we tell of our problems and hearts desires. I know he hears us and answers our prayers, he is always there for us. John 14:18.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

p.s. sorry no photos, the computer didn't work, next week!!! Love you all!!

Letter #2

Hey Mom, 

 This week has been great! my companion and i have really clicked and we are working together to help each other and stay positive and do all that we can to keep the spirit in our lives and in our lessons! we have had some pretty powerful lessons this week and you could definitely feel the spirit guiding our hearts, thoughts and words during the lesson. :) wow such an amazing experience i am having, The language is starting to come and i can feel the lord helping everyday.

  This week was my companions birthday (27) and i thought i was old. ;) anyway, most of the elders and sisters here are converts to the church and only members for 3 -8 years, i am shocked and amazed that they are doing this, they have such great faith. I am so grateful to be working with them, and just gratitude in everything! i love it here mom and the people, when i look for the good in them and not think of how dirty they are or if the food isn't cooked all the way (because its happened, didn't feel good later) anyway, i can see them for who they are and how Heavenly Father see's them its amazing how much love you can have for a person you don't know. 

Love always,

Hermana Newmeyer