Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/23/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Clogged Toilet, Immigration, Life

Hey Everybody,

   So this week has been amazing and wonderful at the same time! We had a Stake Conference and i was able to see some of my friends and recent converts, it was such a blessed opportunity, i was filled with joy and happiness that they are still faithfully going to church and that they are planning on going through the temple this august so that their family can be sealed together as a family. I am so excited!!!

 So we had a problem with our toilet this week and for 'P' day we decided to unclog the bathroom, but the stench was so bad that we had to cover our faces, and my companion was going all out and had the shirt on so i decided as well, it works really great! anyway, we started taking foto's and were laughing pretty hard at some of them. It was a good day, We also had a good week, we went and helped some of the elders contact in their area and we headed out and it was a little interesting, we went to a place where all the houses looked the same and no one was out, if you remember what a nuke town was this was it. we came back sweating and red it was super hot. 

  I am so happy to be serving a mission and i am more grateful for the people that have helped me in my life, they have really made the difference.

whatever we did in life won't be as important as the people we did them with.

love you all.

hermana newmeyer

And that's how we clean the toilet, so can you........

Hermana's Ogden & Newmeyer

The District

Family from Los Pinos

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/16/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

  This week has been great but hard, we worked and worked and worked. We put some goals together and almost reached them all, it was amazing!  We taught some great lesson's and had some pretty crazy experiences in the street. We had contacted a woman in the street who is literally half the size i am and we had run into her a couple of times and it was great. Well one day we saw a woman sitting down on the street and we asked if we could help her, well she was acting like she had a sickness but we later found out she was completely drunk. We helped her to her house and found out she was the sister of this woman we kept running into. And so we sat down and started talking with her and started to share a message when her husband and brother in law came home, they were both drunk as well. So we quickly got up and left. It was interesting, i couldn't help but think how sad it was for this woman to have a family who were addicted to something so vile and vicious as to take away their agency and act literally like animals. It was something i will never forget.

   We also had a really cool experience with a family that is going to get baptized this transfer, we just know it. The father usually is not in the lessons and there were a couple of times where something would just happen and then he would be there. We focused really hard that he and his family could make it to church this week and we waited outside the door of the church even until after the first hymn, but they didn't come. So we waited and took the sacrament and right when we finished they walked in, it was such a beautiful sight. After the second hour of Gospel principles, the father when and talked with the bishop and asked if he and his family could get baptized this Saturday! we were so excited an happy! although we have a  stake conference this week and the converts have to be sustained on Sunday so we will see how it goes.

  This week has been great, i only hope that i can learn from it and continue to know what the spirit wants me to do. Sometimes it is hard and we don't understand why or even how, and we are not quite sure where the answer is and others around you are just bursting with the spirit. I do know that we should never give up, sometimes we will not receive an answer, or a feeling and we need to continue to keep going and always remember Him. i love you all, stay safe this week!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

We also have the original giant avocados here, super good!

There was a river outside our apartment

Today we had a lovely rainstorm you could barely see the church which was two blocks away

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/9/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

   Oh this week was amazing and just motivating in every way. My companion is the best, super funny and acts just like my twin, needless to say there will be more pictures of her than of mexico.  Sorry mom. :)  We started this week off of just visiting everyone and saying hi to everyone in the ward, its a really big ward compared to the others that i have been in, this one has an assistencia of 150 people, super cool! where as other wards i have been in have only been around 40 people, so that was a big difference. Its definitly better when there are more, you just feel good and know that everyone is trying thier best. 

  So i was asked to give a talk this Sunday on a challenge that i overcame, well i was thinking and shared my dads experience of what happened with Rachel and me when we were born, it was really sweet to feel the spirit testify of what i was saying and that Families can be together forever and we can make covenants with Heavenly Father in the Temples. So i was a little shocked because the ward had a temple trip to the temple and they left and the bishop was a little sad because there wasn't enought people to go, and i was like thinking, ¨What! they are going to heromosilla and they didn't want to go¨ made me feel a little bad for all the times i didn't want to go to the temple and it was down the street. Here they are like 8 hours away. I have a new comitment when i come home, go to the temple every week!

   So i put some pictures up and its amazing what people collect, a dried out alligator and rattlesnake skin, it was weird.  There are some lovely pictures of me and my companion, she is amazing! we decided to take a break today after washing our clothes by hand and buying food and cleaning the house. I love Mexico! the sun is getting hotter and i am not too happy about sweating but bring it on i am buying more sweat rags this next week. Well i love you all thanks for your support and your letters, i absolutely love them!

always happy,
Hermana Newmeyer

Sunset from Culiacan

That thing we do with our hair

Alligator and Snake Skin

Hair Time with the Hermana's

Break Time with the Hermana's

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2/2/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics


 Hey Everyone,

   I am in Culiacan again but in another area! super excited My companion is Hermana Ogden and she is from Nevada super cool, she acts just like my twin. I showed up and we took a taxi to our apartment, super cool we have a roof and there are hammocks as well, and we can see for miles because any two-story house you can see in any direction. We came to our apartment and it was in a really bad condition, super super dirty, and my companion was like, i feel bad because my last companion did not want to clean. So you know what we did next, Deep clean and when i say deep clean i mean super duper deep clean, we were scrubbing walls and took our mattresses up top to air out in the sun, and we cleaned out our whole fridge, everything smelled of clorox and fabuloso(its a cleaner here) and for the next 4 hours we cleaned. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! you could feel the spirit enter and everything just seemed brighter and cheerful, we also had our mormon tab, full on and singing and sharing stories and everything. It was fun to watch all of the spiderwebs leave and the dirt swept off the floor. The black fuzzed walls in our bathroom change to perfectly white tiles, we found out that the floor tiles are actually a pretty green color and not brown. It was a good day.

   I can definitely say that a clean home is a better home, a clean home is where the spirit can dwell and you just feel good. :) i love being clean! i guess that's what it feels like when you are baptized, just clean and happy, feeling good and remembering that everything is possible if you just put a little bit of elbow grease into it. Or read your scriptures, pray and go to church remembering that we have taken the name of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to be examples in his name. I am so excited to go out and serve the people!!!!! This is going to be the best transfer ever!!!! I love you all, hope you like the pictures!

love you all,
Hermana Newmeyer

Excerpt from her letter to Johanna

well i am back in Culiacan this transfer, and i am with an amazing sister, her name is hna. ogden super great, and she really is my twin, her name is Rachel and she acts just like Rachel it kinda freaked me out, but i am so happy, and she is so ready to work, its like a fresh breath of air, my other companion didn't really want to work and she is going home this transfer so i think she got trunky really fast. anyway, we have so many hills here its crazy! i am going to come back with killer legs :P I love you so much mom, you are amazing! and just spiritually contagious helping others in every way. Thank you! i have found out i am acting more and more like you here in the mission its so stinking hilarious because everyone looks at me and are like ¨where did that come from¨ and then im like jejeje my mom, :) super funny!

Hermana with Mardi Gras mask

Love the crab meat

so you know when your tall when you don't fit in your own camera, we were all laughing

Thumbs Up

Me and my new companion