Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5/25/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Hey Everybody,

  This week was great, we walked a lot and i do believe that we are out of shape. I was huffing and puffing when we walked up one hill to visit with our investigators its was wonderful. Anyway, we had a baptism in our ward this Sunday in the area of the elders, it was beautiful, the young man decided Saturday evening to be baptized and they put together the whole baptism so that he could be baptized the morning of Sunday and then confirmed a couple of hours later, it was an amazing experience. 

    We have also contacted quite a few people that are interested to hear more about the gospel. We also lost quite a few people and they are just not ready to accept the gospel but the missionaries that are coming will have about 5 families ready to be baptized. Anyway, So many things to do, so little time, and definitely don't know what else to write. I know that God loves us and that he wants the best for his children, whether its waiting for another 5 years to be baptized or in the moment like Paul with the Eunich in the very hour that he explained the scripture they went down in the water and was baptized. 

   I love that with all of the knowledge in the world today with degrees and masters saying how much we understand the gospel or the life of Christ, no one can help you understand the meaning of pure testimony than the Holy Ghost and experience. The sweet assurance and just knowing that its true burns within us and helps us to understand just a little bit more. I am happy to say that I know it to be true, I love you all have a good week!


Hermana Newmeyer

Log Man

Street Fire


Playing Pool with the District

Hermana Lopez & Newmeyer

The District

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