Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Thursday, January 9, 2014

1/9/2014 - MTC Letter & Pics

Hey Dad,

   This week has been amazing!!! I have never felt so strongly the power of the Love of God.  It has been wonderful and I can see it in my life and the blessings that I am receiving.  I love being here, I can feel my prayers have more meaning and when I fast I know with out a doubt the purpose of my fast and I know it is for someone.  Just yesterday on Wednesday, it snowed about 6 - 7 inches and let me just say that the scenes and the beauty of the snow is breathtaking.  All the trees have snow on each branch and they are so beautiful. I am so grateful to be here and the wonderful opportunity that I have to witness all of God's splendor. Today we are going to the Temple for the first time since being at the MTC, I am so excited and overjoyed to be going. It has been closed the whole time we have been here and it feels like yesterday that I just got here and i already have received my travel information to get my passport and visa in Las Vegas. I am leaving this Monday to go and I'll be gone all day long, from 4:30 in the morning to 8:55 (when my plane lands in SLC) It will be a long day and I am the only one going so far, everyone in my district is leaving on Tuesday and Wednesday for Las Vegas to get their passports.

    I have 10 days left in the MTC, it has gone by so fast and it has been amazing, i have learned so much. Thank you for your email and pictures I love them, I printed them off so I could have them with me and show them to everyone. I can't believe Mom came up to Utah to visit Grandma, that's crazy. I hope everything is alright and that she will have a wonderful time. Its really cold and snowing a lot. The language is coming along I feel like I can flow better than before and I know it's only because Heavenly Father is helping me, there is no way I would learn another language unless the Lord helped me.  This past week we had 8 Hermana's leave for their missions and they are wonderful, i got a picture with each of them on Sunday. They are truly amazing.

1- Hermana Bennally, she had to stay behind because she broke her pinky finger during volleyball, she is sweet and genuine and just fills the room with warmth. Mexico,
2 - Hermana Knight, She is a great example of  reverenced dignity she is always doing what is right, she is going to Mexico
3 - Hermana Devry, She is wonderful, she is an amazing listener and always asks how I am doing, she is going to Mexico
4 -  Hermana Van Valkenburg, she is hilarious, i love her so much, she gives me these wonderful hugs that make you miss your Mom's hugs. She reminds me of Anna around the dinner table making us all laugh. she is going to mexico.
5 - Hermana Carroll, she plays the violin just like you and she is incredible, her spirit is so strong and she is always happy and commenting everyone. She is going to Spain
6 - Hermana Pugh, I love her curly hair and her smile, she is genuinely happy and is amazing, she is going to Mexico
7 - Hermana Masters, she is a fireball of energy and happiness and is incredible, she is a good listener and is willing to do anything, she is going to Spain
8 - this is a picture of everyone plus some extra sister's in our zone and my sister's in our district. They are amazing and it will be hard to follow in their footsteps. they will do amazing in  Mexico and Spain.

    I am so excited and ready to go to Mexico, we have run into a couple of Elder's here who are from Mexico and they say that it is beautiful and we will be baptizing many people. I am so excited. Our lesson's for our investigator are going great we had a really good lesson this past week and we went back and forth and the spirit was so strong and I was so happy. It's amazing how powerful saying the first vision to someone in their own language is. I feel so strongly and I know that this is true, it warms me up and I know that I am here for a reason. Oh so my first week here I rewrote lyrics to Homeward Bound, the one Mom likes and I called Mission Bound here they are:

In the quiet peaceful morning, as i kneel beside my bed
This is where i'm meant to be, mission bound Lord I will go,
When I enter the MTC, I will strive to do my best
Pray and read the scriptures daily, I'll go where'er thou go.

I will preach to the people that thou live and love us too.
I am thy servant forever, i'll do my best for you somehow.
If i find myself in trials and the language hard to learn
I’ll remember you called me here, mission bound Lord I will go.

Then I'll share my testimony to the people where i'm called
And i'll serve them everyday, i will go where thou wilt go
I am here for thee Lord, I will serve to the End.

This is where I'm meant to be, and I'll return with honor,
In the quiet peaceful morning, as i kneel beside my bed,
this is where i'm meant to be, Mission Bound Lord I will go.

I love it here and i know that I am here for a reason, I know that Heavenly Father loves me and will bless my life as long as i am obedient and willing to listen to him and follow in his footsteps and have charity towards all men.  I love you all.

Love always,

Hermana Newmeyer

Hermana Bennally

Hermana Knight

Hermana Devry

Hermana Van Valkenburg

Hermana Carroll

Hermana Pugh

Hermana Masters

Spanish Speaking Sister Missionaries

Provo MTC West in the Snow

Provo MTC West in the Snow at Night

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