Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, February 24, 2014

2/24/2014 - San Cabos Letter


  This week has been great. We had one of the girls in our ward accept baptism and that was wonderful. We cleaned the font and filled it with water, which was cold by the way. Afterwards, the ward played volleyball and made chimichangas! which is not actually what you think it is, it’s a desert really and its really good. Also me and my companion are moving apartments because the one we are living in now is not safe. Also the rent is really expensive, but we are moving farther away from our investigators and members so when we walk it will be quite a trek every day to walk to them, but it will be worth it! Anyway, our new apartment is tinier and is covered floor to ceiling with spiders and dirt, and I’m pretty sure some of the walls have mold on them. So today and last Saturday me and my companion went and cleaned it, scrubbing down the walls and the floors with cleaner to make sure that there is no spiders and other creepy things living with us when we move in. 

   One quick story, not much time the computers here are really slow and so no pictures this week sorry :(  but we have been visiting with one menos active member for the past three weeks and her husband is not a member, but we were able to invite the husband to join this time and of course i could kind of understand what was being said and not really, just sit and wait to bear my testimony. We had invited another member of the ward to come with us and share her testimony as well, so there were about 4 women trying to tell this man about Jesus and that there is a living prophet today and receives revelation. I was quiet the whole lesson so there really was about 3 women but the feeling of us all sitting and explaining his questions was a little overwhelming. Anyway, he made one comment about why did Joseph Smith had to be called a prophet in the United States of America and why not in Brazil, or Australia, or Mexico or Canada or anywhere else. I couldn't help but think Why was Jesus just in Jerusalem and Israel and not in Mexico, Brazil, Australia, or other countries, why is he the savior of the world when he was only in one part of the world.  And then I bore my testimony of the truthfulness of the Holy Ghost and how it testifies of the truth of the Word of God, of how when we feel down, when we beaten, when we feel that there is no hope for us, there is always the scriptures and they contain the world of God, and the spirit abides where ever there is good. I said that when we pray and ask to know the truth in things that seem impossible like believing that Jesus is the Savior of the World even though he lived in Jerusalem and believing that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came to a 14 year old boy in the United States of America and no one else, only then can we know for ourselves what is true.  This is why we believe that Jesus is the savior of the world because we pray about it and receive the testimony of the Holy Ghost that it is true.  The room was quiet where a few minutes ago i sat silently listening to the chatter of Spanish and the excited voices of 3 women, it was quiet but the Holy Ghost was there, everyone felt it, and I knew that he felt it as well, after a few seconds it went back to the chatter and the spirit was still there filling us with comfort and knowing that what we were talking about was true. 

  I am happy to be here, i am happy to know that there is a Savior who loves me, I am Happy to have a family that love me, I am happy because I know this is where I am supposed to be. We have transfers next week, I’m pretty sure me and my companion are going to stay the same, we have so much to work for and the members are great here, I only hope that I can have the opportunity to do what the Lord wants me to do for the people here. I love everyone. 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

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