Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/20/2014 - Mazatlan Letter & Pics

10 lesson day!!!‏

Hey Everybody!

  This week was especially awesome and one to date. Mi and my companera opened a new area and are slowly learning the streets and people that live here.  We also have the ocean in are area! definitely beautiful and love to watch it. 

   So one night me and my companion wanted to go contacting for people because we haven't been having success this week with numbers and people who want to hear about Jesus. So we decided to pray specifically for a colonial and a street we both felt impressed for one street in specific and a colonial, it was awesome, we both felt the same thing. So the next day we headed out and looked all up and down this street contacting people and giving very brief lessons in the street. We worked all morning in this street and we really didn't find anyone who wanted to hear the Gospel. Me and my companion felt a little desanimada, or in English 'with out excitement' or 'put down a bit' anyway, we both discussed what we needed to do better and how we can improve our contacting skills.  I was still put down a bit and then a thought came to my mind and said 'it does not matter where i send thee, so long as you are doing My Will'  hopefully the people that we contacted in that day were touched by the Lord and we were able to show the Love that Heavenly Father has for us. 

  Later that week we had found out that we had scheduled 10 lessons in one day, it was amazing and fantastic. We had a lesson every half hour from 3:30 to 8 in the night. We were so pumped and ready, we headed out and taught very short but powerful lessons, we were able to teach about the sacredness of talking with our Heavenly Father through Prayer and that we can receive revelation and answers to every prayer. We also taught about the Word of Wisdom and how it helps us to stay alert and with our free agency. It was a really cool day! Later on Sunday we were able to bring 5 people to church and they were able to feel the Spirit and the Love that Heavenly Father has for us. Awesome!

   Another day we headed out to contact and look for some people and we were walking along the boardwalk next to the ocean and i noticed a fisherman and he was pulling in his line, in which there was nothing. I then observed the carefulness that he took with his line and then proceeded to walk into the ocean. The waves came crashing on him and twice he fell but got back up and continued to walk into the ocean. Here i am thinking, 'what is he doing?! he is going to drown, he shouldn't go out that far' he kept on walking until the water was just below his armpits and then with all his might he flung his fishing line out to sea. And then proceeded to walk back to the beech falling again because of the waves that came crashing down.  

  I thought to myself, why is it so important for a fisherman to have his line out as far as he can? its dangerous, he could die, and there might not be any fish. I then thought about what Jesus said to Peter and James saying 'follow thou me and i will make thee fishers of men.'  It is not enough that we just fish lazily on the seashore, hoping that something will happen. What we need to do is actually go and look with all out might, flinging our line out as far as we can with the water to our chins. Knowing that there might not be people to teach, there might not be people to contact, to share, to bring to Christ. We might not ourselves come back, beaten down with every wave, with our beliefs criticized, judged, and smashed against the shoreline again and again. And yet we persist, because we know there are fish out there waiting to be caught to come unto Christ. Being a missionary, or a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is more than the fisherman who sits on the shore. 

  I know that this Church is the true church of Jesus Christ. He is our Redeemer and loves us. He wants us to come unto him, and partake of Eternal Life with Him and our Heavenly Father. I know that My Redeemer Lives! I love you all thank you for everything! Have a Good week and don't wait by the seashore!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Missionary Zone Mtg

Postcard Perfect - Ocean view near our apartment

Bowling with the missionaries

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