Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6/2014 - Mazatlan Letter & Pics

Light House! Aquarium! Spiders!...Oh No

Hey Everybody,

   So this week has been hilarious and amazing! First off, me and my companion are opening a new area and so we have no idea where the streets are or who the people are, everything, also we are living in a very small living space, underneath the Elders. Yeah i never believed that i would be living anywhere near the Elders. They are looking for another house and are moving at the next transfer because they had already paid the landlady for the month. 

  So the elders said that they cleaned our apartment and that there are no animals in our house. well about 1 in the morning i had to go, so i went and closed the door of the bathroom and there was this huge spider on the back. about the size of my hand. I would definitely say it was the spider of all spiders, hairy, long legged and had an evil look in all of its 8 eyes.The picture does not do it justice. I freaked out. ran out of the bathroom got my companion up and we both spent about an hour watching it just trying to figure out where it was going. It also carried an egg sack with it. We were scared to kill it so we left it in the bathroom and closed our door and just hoped that it would go back outside. We still haven't found it. Needless to say that i don't really get any sleep at night. keep dreaming of spiders. The Elders tried looking for it as well, they couldn't find it either. 

   So today we headed to the Lighthouse, so beautiful Mazatlàn, took about 20 minutes to climb it and sweating the whole way but refreshing up top, we had all of the missionaries in two zones at the lighthouse. Awesome. We then all decided to go to the aquarium, it was legit! we watched a fish presentation, a man in a tank, normal. We then went and watched a sea Lion show, it was awesome, i got kissed by a sea lion! and i thought i had to wait 18 months for that! it was awesome. lots of whiskers. We then went to a bird show, and they asked for volunteers to come down and feed the Guacamayas the big Colorful Parrots, i volunteered! i went down and the guide said to put the sunflower seed in my mouth and the bird would take from my mouth, that was exciting definitely not expecting it at all. Super fun, we then headed to the animal show, and they brought out an iguana and i was able to feed it a grape.

  Today was awesome! definitely one of the times i will remember. So one lesson i learned is to have fun. I love you all.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Lunch Time

Super Big Spider with an egg sack full of babies

Zone Conference Photo

Hermana Newmeyer and her new companion

The bay near Mazatlan

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