Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/15/2014 - Mazatlan Letter

Hey Everyone,

   So this is going to be short, i am sorry. words can't express what i am feeling and the experiences that i have had. I really hope that i can express what it is that i am doing here in Mexico, for 18 months.

   I am learning, that's just it. Learning. I am learning who i am, the people around me. Learning to understand trials and challenges that have come into my life. I am learning how to share, how to be more patient, how to have joy and love for little things that mean so much to other people. I am learning how to see others and what they feel, and not only for teaching but for knowing who they are.  I am learning there is something more for me, something that i don't know but there is a bigger picture and someone has the missing piece. I am learning who is Jesus Christ. If you learn it, live it, love it, you will be happy i promise you!

I want to share a story with you. It was raining and really cold actually, and i had my jacket and umbrella, warm and dry. We were in the church and we were gathering materials for our proselyting, and a woman entered into the church and started asking for help, she didn't have a jacket or an umbrella, she singled me out after talking with all of the elders and sisters there, i don't know why she singled me out but she did. i know what you are all thinking now, did i give my jacket and umbrella to this woman?  she was poor and was going from house to house just asking not working for anything, and just living off of the people. How can i help someone who will not help themselves. it's not fair, i worked and paid for my umbrella and jacket, why should i give her my things and she will just continue to keep asking and not work for anything in her life........ Then there was a nagging feeling, a feeling that tears at your heart, and you start to feel something, you don't like it, but you know what you need to do. I gave her my jacket and umbrella because it is what Jesus would do, he is mercy, he is kind, he is giving, even when others do not deserve it. After i entered the church i felt good, all the other elders and sisters were there and looking at me like i made a dumb choice. One elder even said that i did not need to do that, she will continue on doing whatever she wants, asking for everything. I felt awful, here i did a Christlike thing and i am getting reprimanded for doing so. I later went to the bathroom and cried to heavenly father with all my heart to know if what i did was right, and that i was sorry for ever thinking selfish and let him know that all that have, all that i will ever be is for Him. I will serve Him to the end and give all.

Hermana Newmeyer

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