Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Sunday, March 22, 2015

3/16/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Temptations are Real

Hey Everyone,
  So this week was fantastic we have done so much and it's amazing! We have been working in our area folder with all the information of our lessons and what we need to do next with our investigators, and we have lists of people who we have taught but are just not interested anymore. So we have been updating a lot and putting stickers down where the people live and that i can remember for once where we are and not be like, "um.... which street is this again?"  super funny, i am so grateful that my companion knows the area like the back of her hand. We are so happy because we had transfers today and we didn't change so we are together again for another 6 weeks so excited. But i did get called to be the Leader Capacitadora over all the sisters in our Zone! so a new responsabilidad and maybe a new time to grow and change. We were talking about leadership responsibilities, me and my companion and we decided that: 

"If Heavenly Father calls me to be a leader, its not because that i have the talents, or because that i am perfect and i can change the world, but that He wants me to be perfected"

  So its definitely going to be a good transfer. I am so happy and excited to be here and share the gospel. So we are teaching this family and they were so excited to go to church yesterday, we met with them and our president came with us and we taught a really powerful lesson and the spirit testified of the truthfulness of the Sabbath day and he promised that he would go. Well Sunday morning we asked if they needed help going to church and he said that they were out of the city limits and were checking a lot to buy to build their house and they had expressed this interest when we met with them and they said that they were going to go to church instead, but they didn't. Anyway, there car broke down out there and they couldn't make it back to church. It was such a clear example to us that Satan is real and that with just simple interest that he can make us not go to church. I can definitely say that going to church helps us to come closer to Heavenly Father and Satan wants us to forget that.

"we have to live in such a way that we always remember that which Satan so desperately wants us to forget" -hna ogden

  I know that this gospel is true and that if we put our priorities in place and focus on Heavenly Father he will bless us and give us strength to do what we need to, also to help us from the temptations that might otherwise make us do something we will regret. I love you all thanks for everything and your letters.

Always Happy,
Hermana Newmeyer

Lost Frijoles



Missionary District with the Bishop and his family

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