Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/2/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

New investigators, Scorpions! Fried Fish!

Hey Everyone,

  So this week has been super super busy and crazy! first off my companion got the cold, and its super funny because you only get it if the temperature changes and you get chilled, ha like that ever happens here, well it did, we went from like 80 to 79, and she got the cold, it was awful she had a roll of tissue paper on the side of her bed and snored in the night for the past three days, i felt sorry for her. We also had the opportunity to go and see ''Meet the Mormons'' oh my, such a beautiful movie, i cried at the last part, and if you go watch it you will see why. It was amazing, we had so much fun watching it, all the elders and sisters brought their food and snacks and for the first 10 minutes of the film all you could hear was wrappers being opened and soda cans fizzing and just people eating their Mexican Cheeto's with chile. Really great!

  So this happened Wednesday and then the next day i went to clean out my back pack and lo and behold a scorpion had crawled onto my arm, i secretly was thinking it was waiting in ambush for me because it was black and evil looking. I flung it off and immediately went into shock, my companion was like what happened, i could only point and stutter saying ''scorpion.......over there......on my desk.....'' Least to say we did take an awesome video of how to kill a scorpion, we were dying of laughter at the end just watching the reruns of our little video. Super funny. 

   We also had a meeting with our zone and it was amazing, we definitely have some things that we can work on and achieve. I am super excited for this next week, we found a really awesome family, we were contacting a reference and ended up contacting the whole family, the parents accepted baptism and the kids want to know more, we are just overjoyed that we could find this family, i really hope that we can continue helping them and they get baptized. We are so happy we definitely can see the work of the lord helping us find the right people to be baptized and they are just wanting to listen.

 So today was awesome for lunch we had fried fish and it was definitely cooked the right way because it was so cool looking and just awesome! i could only eat one fish while the elders ate two! super big fish, anyway i am excited for this week and i can't wait to see the people that we find. I love you all, don't forget about the tender mercies of Heavenly Father and he will guide you along the way. I love you.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Hermana's Ogden & Newmeyer w/Mission President and his wife

Scorpion Friend

Missionary Zone

Fish in the pan

Elder's enjoying fresh cooked fish

Hermana Newmeyer with fish lunch

Fish lunch was great

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