Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6/9/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

The Last Letter

Hey Everybody,

  So this week has gone by all to fast and filled with emotions from one end to the other, i have been filled with so much love for the people here and just saying goodbye broke my heart. I didn't want to leave them, this is one of the hardest experiences in life leaving people you love, people you have served and possibly people you will never see again.  I know it is hard to leave the people, the companions, the Elders and the mission, but the memories and experiences will always be with me and i know that one day we will all be together again. 

   I know that this church is true, there is no other truth than to know that we are sons and daughters of Heavenly Father and that he will always, always, be there for us and show his love, I have been so blessed through out my whole mission, in know that this gospel is true and if we LIVE it, LOVE it and ENDURE to the end, we WILL be HAPPY. For this day i am truly happy, for this moment i am filled with joy, for this time i am grateful, for this opportunidad i am blessed, for the next day and forever i know that there is happiness.  Thank you for all that have written me i am truly grateful, you have been boulders for me in my mission, someone that i could lean on and trust and accept your counsel, thank you. I love you all and hope to see you soon, well i come home tomorrow so real soon. Thank you. 

Love with all my heart,

Hermana Newmeyer

Felicidades Newmeyer

Hermana Newmeyer with Presidente and Sister Velez

Missionaries returning home

Missionaries in Hermana Newmeyer's District

Farewell Poster

Farewell Party

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