Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8/18/2014 - Los Pinos Letter & Pics

No Cambios! Los Pinos!

Hey Everyone,

  Well this week was amazing and wonderful, menos the difficulties of a missionary! but that is normal, like not listening to your alarm clock and then realizing it was 8 in the morning and you jump out of bed thinking "oh darn where has the morning gone." or realizing that the food you are eating has some kind of living animal inside that will probably make you have the runs for the next three weeks of you life!! oh here is a good one, you know when your a missionary when you are sore getting off your knees every night and morning because you actually are talking to Heavenly Father, i actually count that as a blessing. Its amazing what prayer can do only if you just talk and let him hear you. 

  So this week another ward had a pastry class oh i learned so much it was fantastic! i know now how to make a whip cream base for cakes and cupcakes with yogurt! it was awesome! we also had a day where we were cleaning the Church and it was two other sisters one was a recent convert and the other was the relief society presidente and then the sister missionaries. we cleaned the whole church! it was a stake center!! the four of us! and of course the two gringa's don't know really how to clean so i was in charge of bringing the water from outside to inside and we had one of those yellow bucket things on wheels, well i started to push it in the foyer and the ledge was just up enough that i dumped the whole thing of water all over the foyer that was just newly washed and cleaned. Yeah, thank you sister Newmeyer! It was hilarious. 

  We also have been experiencing some major storms lately, one was really intense and the lightening and thunder were right above our house so the second the light would strike we would have thunder immediately and it would be so intense that our windows would shake and we could feel everything vibrate. It was awesome and pretty scary. So my companion and i are pretty crazy, we found this cereal box with a samba work out disk inside and so now we are awesome samba dancer's for our workouts every morning! its hilarious!  we are also good on pranks, my companion has gotten me twice now with the flour in the shower, well she doesn't know whats coming, i bought a squirt gun he he he he, i'm just trying to decide in the night when she is sleeping or in the morning, >:] this is my evil grin, i will let you all know next week, i will make sure to have pictures and maybe a video!

  Well thought for this week,  Don't let the little things bother you, and if they do, talk about it. If you are having problems maybe they are too. Literally put yourself in their shoes, and not only walk in them but feel what they are feeling too. Well that is all, i love you all, have a good week!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer 

My Mexican Mama

Missionary District

The after-affects of working outside

Shower Companion

A little weather in Culiacan

Hermana x in a blanket chasing Hermana Newmeyer around the room

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