Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8/25/2014 - Los Pinos Letter & Pics

Baptism! Pranks! and Mosquitos!

Hey Everyone!

  This week was great! we had another baptism and it was amazing to see the change in this wonderful woman that we taught. She is about 70 years old, has two teeth in the front and a couple on the bottom, she has an infection in her leg that makes it quite impossible to walk, lives in a place that most people would never think about living, sleeps on the floor and she smells. But the first time we met her she was very unsure and just willing to say yes to everything and she liked what she felt every time we were there. Little by little we saw a change in this woman, she grew more confident, she was more happier her infection didn't get better but she could not feel as much pain.  After she was baptized, she bore her testimony and it was simple and sweet, she said that she knew what she felt and she could not deny what she knew in her heart. It was so amazing.

    So no pranks this week, but probably this next week, we will see....... ;) So we have a lavadora out back in our patio, and its what everyone here uses to wash their clothes with, well we had rain this past couple of days and we forgot to let out the water, and when you don't do that you get mosquitos! it was crazy! there were tons inside the basin, we had to scrape them out and put them on the cement to fry and then die. I love being a missionary, oh so Independence day is coming here and there are tons of memorabilia stuff and it is literally a party for two days i can't wait to take fotos!  

    One of the neatest thing about being a missionary is that you get to see CHANGE. Did you know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can change our desires, and by so doing, can change who we are. But when we focus on changing who we are, it doesn't work. Because we become more loving by desiring charity, the pure love of Christ, and turning outward, as Elder Bednar says, to love others. We can inspire others by listening to the Holy Ghost and focusing on their needs. We can do bold and amazing miracles when we turn to have faith in the commandments of God and put obedience to Him before our fears. And then you look back and have one of those moments...where would I be if I hadn't listened, if I hadn't come? 

   This was a wonderful week with lessons learned and experiences to share, i hope that everyone is having a wonderful time! Adiós! hasta próximo Semana! 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

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