Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/4/2014 - Los Pinos Letter & Pics

Decorated, Ticks, Emergency Transfer!?!?!

Hola Todos los personas que leer esta carta!!! (Translation)

   jajaja! Anyway, this week was crazy, emotional and just down right awesome! Well first, you all know that my companion has been sick, well we went to the hospital again and found out that nothing is wrong with her, soooooo i don't know for sure really if she is sick or not.  When she was sick, i would have about 6 hours of alone time until she woke up at 12 or 1 in the afternoon, hehe i found this book, really old book that had pictures in it, from the bible through the Book of Mormon and the restauracion! i took the book apart and hung the pictures up and now our house looks fabulous! my companion came out one afternoon and was like, woah! it was great!

    So we have been playing pranks on each other and its been hilarious! so while she was in the bathroom, we had a window that opened from outside in our little patio, i took a big bucket of water and a cup and slowly started to pour water through and it just went through the drain, but i did that twice and the whole time she is saying "what are doing? wait..... what?!?! no don't do that!" it was hilarious, so the third cup i chucked the water at her really fast and i almost got her, it was so close.  Well three nights later i was taking a shower and the next thing i knew there was flour all over the floor and a good majority on my face, she got me good! It was hilarious i just wish that i took a picture, sorry!

   So we went to a members home to eat and it was good, but i was noticing little black things in my sopa and i pulled one out and realized it was a tick in my sopa, yuck!!! i found six more, the whole thing was just unsanitary! there were also ants in my drink, so that dinner was by far the most hardest to eat, i just wanted to chuck it all back up.

    We were going to have an emergency transfer and i was going to go to Mazatlan and switch with a companion down there and the other sister was going to come to Culiacan, well i went home and packed in one hour and was ready to leave the next morning. Our presidente came by and told us everything and then left and about 5 minutes later he called and said that the transfer was cancelled and that there was no transfer. I had always heard about them but never thought it would happen to us. Anyway, it was crazy, i was ready to go and everything! Well, at least the president knows that we are willing to do anything at the drop of a hat and do what we can to help. 

   This whole week was crazy and full of wonderful things. We also had three young children, ages ranging from 9-11 accept a baptism date and are eager to learn about the gospel. Whats more amazing is that with every lesson with one of them the parents are coming out and listening to our lessons and slowly are saying that what we are teaching is good and they can see a change in their children's attitude and everything. This is what is the most precious above all, is that we can see the love of the Lord reach out and touch a family that is suffering and that if we live by the simple truths and principles of the gospel, He will bless us. I know, i see it change lives everyday. 

 I love you all, thank you for everything! remember this is it!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Food is so good

Newly decorated apartment

New sun glasses with soccer tag

Thumbs Up

My Mexican Mamma

Love this Family

Transfers??? Not this time.

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