Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/23/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Clogged Toilet, Immigration, Life

Hey Everybody,

   So this week has been amazing and wonderful at the same time! We had a Stake Conference and i was able to see some of my friends and recent converts, it was such a blessed opportunity, i was filled with joy and happiness that they are still faithfully going to church and that they are planning on going through the temple this august so that their family can be sealed together as a family. I am so excited!!!

 So we had a problem with our toilet this week and for 'P' day we decided to unclog the bathroom, but the stench was so bad that we had to cover our faces, and my companion was going all out and had the shirt on so i decided as well, it works really great! anyway, we started taking foto's and were laughing pretty hard at some of them. It was a good day, We also had a good week, we went and helped some of the elders contact in their area and we headed out and it was a little interesting, we went to a place where all the houses looked the same and no one was out, if you remember what a nuke town was this was it. we came back sweating and red it was super hot. 

  I am so happy to be serving a mission and i am more grateful for the people that have helped me in my life, they have really made the difference.

whatever we did in life won't be as important as the people we did them with.

love you all.

hermana newmeyer

And that's how we clean the toilet, so can you........

Hermana's Ogden & Newmeyer

The District

Family from Los Pinos

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