Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/9/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

   Oh this week was amazing and just motivating in every way. My companion is the best, super funny and acts just like my twin, needless to say there will be more pictures of her than of mexico.  Sorry mom. :)  We started this week off of just visiting everyone and saying hi to everyone in the ward, its a really big ward compared to the others that i have been in, this one has an assistencia of 150 people, super cool! where as other wards i have been in have only been around 40 people, so that was a big difference. Its definitly better when there are more, you just feel good and know that everyone is trying thier best. 

  So i was asked to give a talk this Sunday on a challenge that i overcame, well i was thinking and shared my dads experience of what happened with Rachel and me when we were born, it was really sweet to feel the spirit testify of what i was saying and that Families can be together forever and we can make covenants with Heavenly Father in the Temples. So i was a little shocked because the ward had a temple trip to the temple and they left and the bishop was a little sad because there wasn't enought people to go, and i was like thinking, ¨What! they are going to heromosilla and they didn't want to go¨ made me feel a little bad for all the times i didn't want to go to the temple and it was down the street. Here they are like 8 hours away. I have a new comitment when i come home, go to the temple every week!

   So i put some pictures up and its amazing what people collect, a dried out alligator and rattlesnake skin, it was weird.  There are some lovely pictures of me and my companion, she is amazing! we decided to take a break today after washing our clothes by hand and buying food and cleaning the house. I love Mexico! the sun is getting hotter and i am not too happy about sweating but bring it on i am buying more sweat rags this next week. Well i love you all thanks for your support and your letters, i absolutely love them!

always happy,
Hermana Newmeyer

Sunset from Culiacan

That thing we do with our hair

Alligator and Snake Skin

Hair Time with the Hermana's

Break Time with the Hermana's

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