Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4/6/2015 - Culiacan Letter & Pics

Will she remember me?

Hey everybody!

  So this week was great! This week is called La Semana Santa or The Holy Week, and normally during this week everyone goes on Vacation, to the beach to camp overnight. Super fun, and all the stores are closed well the little ones that are owned by the owners of the house. We were walking down a road and there was literally no one out. Normally it would be covered with people pushing each other aside, selling things and just noise. This week, it was like a ghost town.

   Also, this week funny story, we were walking down the road and a car was coming, so we moved to the side, well i must have stepped on a rock wrong but the next thing i knew i was sent sprawling in front of the car on my hands and knees, i twisted my right ankle and scrapped off my left knee, well it felt like it, it was all bloody and dirty. While i was on all fours the car just went around us and continued on the way, and then there was this guy on the side of us just watching, and didn't do anything. After hobbling up and then limping away, he just still sat there watching. Super funny, and then my companion gives me an antibiotic rub that just stung and it felt so bad, just smarting and giving me pain. After the drama we finally went back out and then came home after a couple of hours and my knee had swollen up, so that was fun.

  We headed to General Conference this weekend and it was amazing! I just truly loved every part and was so happy, during the Sunday morning session, i was thrilled to see my family investigators that i helped baptize and the little toothless old woman that i helped as well. I had heard from someone that she had stopped going to church and she was not receiving help. And then i saw her in church! I was overjoyed and couldn't stop thinking about her and wondering if she would remember me. She had a hard time remembering the lessons when i taught her and 6 months had passed away since i last saw her, i was just hoping that she would remember. At the last prayer of the Session, everyone started to get up and leave and so did she, i jumped up and chased after her and touched her on her shoulder, she turned around and i asked her ¿do you remember me? she smiled her one tooth smile and gave me a hug around my waist (because she was so short) and gave me a kiss. And she said, ''you helped me to get baptized.  I was overcome with an immense love for her and i could feel every part of my soul just beam with excitement and joy. I walked away after saying goodbye and thinking, She remembered Me.  

   I truly believe that today in life, we forget. I forget everything. Yet to someone who once knew you, who once taught you, who once said  i love you, they will always remember, just like our Savior Jesus Christ, He knew us, He taught us, He loves us, He will remember who we are. We just have to remember Who He Is. I hope that i will never forget this experience, that she remembered me, and then i will remember the day that i knew my Heavenly Father and he will be waiting with arms open wide. 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Trinidad Reyes on her baptism day

Zone Conference

Bloody Knee from fall

Car rides - Mexican style

Sun Rays

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