Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, April 7, 2014

4/7/2014 - San Cabos Letters & Pics

La Paz Again and Hospital?!?!‏


   Before anyone freaks out, i'm fine, i'll explain later in the email the details of what happened. So this week has been wonderful! First off my companion and i worked really hard to get 25 lessons this week, we had five lessons on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday, then we went to La Paz on Thursday, and then 5 more lessons on Friday, overall i think we got around 20, so close but not quite. Its amazing when we have the opportunity to share the gospel here doors just open wide and say come in! we taught so many usually we only teach about 8-10 lessons a week so we doubled our numbers and that's pretty amazing!  We both prayed for lessons this week for many if not more, and we were blessed. The Lord really does answer our prayers, I am finding out all we have to do is ask, simple ask, but then in turn we have to work hard and trust the Lord will help us in our efforts.

   We went to La Paz again, let me just say BEAUTIFUL!!!! but yeah, i love it here, every time i see the desert or a cactus or a dead bug, or a homeless man sleeping in the garbage filled streets, or the cardboard box homes, with dirty smiling children in front, kicking a can around playing Soccer. I stop and I think of how much i am blessed, how much I have, how much I can share, and the wonderful experiences that I have here, and to be able to share the love and joy of this Gospel.  Oh what blessings await for those who are obedient to all of Gods Commandments, I have seen many things and felt more through the Holy Ghost as he testifies of the truth of gospel principles, Love, Charity, Obedience, Faith, Work, Trust, Repentance, etc. I could go on.  

   In La Paz we had another meeting with President Velez, and his assistants had a power point for us and taught us about using our materials that we use for finding and recording people that we teach. It was awesome, but what was difficult was the three hour bus ride there and back..... in one day.... ouch. What was worst was my stomach was hurting something awful, but that's for later. We had brought sandwiches with us and juice and cake (because we had extra to spare from my companion's birthday) it was great we were sitting in a gazebo and the wind was blowing in from the sea and the water was there and life seemed perfect in that moment. 

    Sooooo about five days ago, i had drunken something from our investigators home it was Juice of Jamaica, soooo good by the way, and afterwards i didn't feel that great, anyway we continued working and doing all that we could in finding and teaching investigators. Well the pain increased, and it felt like someone decided to use my stomach as a punching bag, and Saturday was conference so we were walking and now it felt like i had run a triathlon, with the sharp pain in the side and the difficulty breathing, and i looked fat, like really fat, well bloated to me more exact, and now i was walking like a duck holding my stomach and wincing every time i was going up or down stairs, and then the diarrhea started, that's when it wasn't fun. Saturday we called the mission doctor and she said that i needed to visit the hospital because of my bloating, so away we went with me waddling and wincing with each step. 

Stomach Medicine

  Once we got to the Hospital, it wasn't much more of a doctors office, but we checked in and the doctor examined me and listened to my stomach and she said that i had Gastritis, yup folks, i had the bad case of Gas, and a lot of it, but because of the diarrhea i couldn't release it so i looked like a hippo. Yeah, the joys of eating in another country and your body going like "WOAH, What did you just give me?!?!?! I can't handle this right now, what are you trying to do kill your-self" yeah it was a party in my stomach all week long, and i couldn't join.  Anyway, needless to say, i was given some drugs and now i feel fabulous, well the apartment doesn't smell too good now,......oops. 

  General Conference!!!! Loved it!! Especially after the first session when we saw the world report and i got to see the Gilbert Temple Celebration, i keep thinking Elizabeth is in there somewhere!!  So beautiful, please go to the Temple for me I love it so much, one place where we literally are close to Heavenly Father.

  So that's about all for this week, we have transfers this Sunday, i'm most likely staying in this area, i heard from my district leader, that the missionaries stay in their area for at least 6 months and then change. I love it here, the people are amazing. The language is coming, but really slowly, i can understand a way lot more than before my mission, that's a blessing. I know that this gospel is true, every moment i am here learning and teaching, my faith grows stronger and stronger, and i am understanding my Savior more and more. He lives and loves each one of us. We just simple need to ask and believe. Oh what joy fills my heart, i want to just do the best that i can. This is it!! 

  Firmes en la Fe = True to the Faith (rough translation) 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Pinata with the District

Happy Birthday to my Companion

The Ants come marching in by 100, harrah.....

Surfer Dude Crossing

Cute and Cuddly Tiger

Cute and Cuddly Tiger Again

Cute and Well, you get the idea

Just Me

Hey Mom,

i was able to see all of the Conference it was amazing, I love you so much, this week has been crazy and wonderful at the same time. I had to visit the Hospital this week, but all is well and i am thriving living person. really, i'm okay. but i had gastritis, which means a lot, a lot a lot of gas and diarrhea, and maybe some vomiting, but it never got that worst with me, so i didn't vomit. :) I looked really fat too, :) Hehe anyway i'm not allowed to eat anything greasy, bread/flour, salsa, soda, meat, and some cheeses, so all i have been eating is jello and eggs for the past two days, yippee, not really, but i don't want to get sick again i have to wait till the end of the week to make sure i don't need to do anything else. More details in my letter to dad. I'm glad that dad got to go to his mission reunion, did he talk about me on my mission? ooh i can't wait for my mission reunion ;)  a sister here bought me a dress today, which was really nice, um.... nothing else we have transfers this week and so i don't know if i am staying or leaving, theirs a rumor usually the people on the peninsula stay for 6 months so that's about 3-4 transfers this is my 2 so probably will be staying on this side of the water! I love you mom, thank you so much for your support, i'm glad that everyone is reading my letters i don't really get any email, so i don't know who reads my emails, is there anything that they want me to post a foto of or something special, let me know :) thanks. Le amo mucho mama, gracias por todo su amor y también por su testimonio en este iglesia y en Jesucristo. Es muy especial cuando los padres tienen testimonios y tienen llamamientos in la iglesia. Recuerdo la expiación y el amor El Señor tiene por todo en este mundo. Gracias otra vez por ayudarme en preparo por mi misión, este experiencia es muy hermosa! Le quiero mucho. Gracias!!

Siempre con Amor,

Hermana Newmeyer

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