Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3/31/2014 - San Cabos Letters

Hey Everybody,

  This week has been amazing! and lets just say i can see now why missionaries want to stay on their missions, its energizing, exciting, spiritual, uplifting, and fresh breath of air, with maybe some chips on the side,oh and some frijoles with queso,... yum. Anyway, we have had many lessons this week and some all the way in La Playita, another suburban type area. But all the streets are dirt and the houses tiny, and no trees it was a city in the desert, oh and the day we went decided to be extra hot, and so we sweated a lot, i turned about the color of a tomato in about 20 minutes. haha it was great, i was excited that we were in another area looking for new investigators!! the bus ride itself was about 20 minutes. ;) 

   oh so my companion made a Mexican pastry....well.....lets just say that I found Heaven here on earth through this little pastry, cake, thingy, oh my it was so delicious, the right consistency and not too sweet and not to bland. Hehe i had a dream about it two nights ago, if you will recall the movie of 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs' and the part where the food is floating around like a dream, that was my dream and i was eating the pastry and i was so happy. I explained my dream to my companion and she about died laughing, and we laughed so much this week! It was great, i want to make this desert when I come home, so easy and yet so delicious!!

  Okay, im not clumsy, the sidewalks here are just crooked! i have fallen numerous times or stubbed my toe or foot on the cracks of the sidewalks and every time we laugh, because its funny, i need my eyes on my feet to see where the sidewalk is.  The buses are another story, its great when we have a man come on the bus and sing for everyone while playing the guitar and its great! i want to do the same thing when Christmas comes and sing on the buses Christmas hymns and share the gospel. ;) my soul is filled with excitement when i think of this.  

  The importance of staying positive....... always always think positive, how can the spirit dwell in us when we are constantly thinking of negative thoughts, either about someone else or even ourselves it doesn't have to be a grand thought to be negative just something simple.  Its very important that we constantly think of how the savior would think, he loved everyone, even when they spit  upon him and crucified him.  We are not perfect, it will not happen over night, we will make mistakes, but that is the beauty of repentance, to be able to confess our sins to God and then start anew.   

   I love it here and the people, they are so beautiful. Mexicans are amazing, they are genuine, they mean what they say and when they offer anything they really mean to offer. They are hard workers and they know the importance of familias, there parties are the best, they invite everyone, their relatives, friends, other friends, and its just one big party of food, laughter, games and socializing with everyone. I love it!!

    Haha so don't say yes to seconds when you are full, yeah that was a fun night for me. So Sunday was my Companions Birthday, and we now have two cakes, a chicken and more food than two skinny people can eat in our house, but Sunday we ate at a members home and we had tin foil dinner, soooo good, potato with mushrooms, some kind of meat, and cheese. Once that was cooked you could add poco de gallo (tomato, onion, etc) and crema (sour cream) guacamole, oh it was so good, so i had about a normal looking potato and i added a lot of toppings and ate with tortillas, when the Sister asked if i wanted more, i said yes (because its rude when you say no, its like saying i don't like your food) anyway, so i had more sopa with it as well, just regular pasta and the next potato that she brought out was twice the size of my first potato, and i had to eat all of it.  Needless to say, i felt like a 4 month pregnant woman i was so full, i couldn't take another bite. Well it was my companions birthday, so there was cake too,........:p so i had some cake as well, it was delicious but my stomach was screaming, too much, too much, she's going to blow!!! i can't eat anymore. i was very sleepy afterwards and we had to walk back to our apartment which was about a mile, so i was extremely tired and full. 

  It was great though, i was happy.  Today we celebrated again my companions birthday and there was another cake, so we took that home as well, :) Cake for all!!! it was great and the left over food as well. We had a pinata and water balloons but didn't throw them we didn't have time. It was a great week, full of spiritual learning and the light of Christ in our lives. We learn to communicate every day with the people around us and with Heavenly Father every time our knees hit the ground and our hearts open up to him as we tell of our problems and hearts desires. I know he hears us and answers our prayers, he is always there for us. John 14:18.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

p.s. sorry no photos, the computer didn't work, next week!!! Love you all!!

Letter #2

Hey Mom, 

 This week has been great! my companion and i have really clicked and we are working together to help each other and stay positive and do all that we can to keep the spirit in our lives and in our lessons! we have had some pretty powerful lessons this week and you could definitely feel the spirit guiding our hearts, thoughts and words during the lesson. :) wow such an amazing experience i am having, The language is starting to come and i can feel the lord helping everyday.

  This week was my companions birthday (27) and i thought i was old. ;) anyway, most of the elders and sisters here are converts to the church and only members for 3 -8 years, i am shocked and amazed that they are doing this, they have such great faith. I am so grateful to be working with them, and just gratitude in everything! i love it here mom and the people, when i look for the good in them and not think of how dirty they are or if the food isn't cooked all the way (because its happened, didn't feel good later) anyway, i can see them for who they are and how Heavenly Father see's them its amazing how much love you can have for a person you don't know. 

Love always,

Hermana Newmeyer

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