Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Cambios y Nuevo Compañero!!

Hola from down under,

   Well a little down under, not exactly, but you know what i mean. Oh this week couldn´t be more amazing, wonderful, challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and gratifying.  My heart has been troubled much and with the strugglings of learning what the Lord wants me to do in this area, to understand the people and to know who they are and to be able to share the gospel. I feel sometimes like my heart is crying and my soul hungers for these people to help them in knowing Jesus Christ more. oh it hurts.  "My heart says I should, I know I should, but I´m afraid or I don´t have time or I don´t want the responsibility of that knowledge so I am not going to do it" Needless to say, my heart has been wearing lots of spiritual band-aids lately, because what more can I do as a missionary of Jesus Ch rist than offer these people the best news that has ever existed, and they feel the truth in their hearts and mind? What more can I do than invite? I am telling you right now, that the fact that missionaries "invite" is not a coincidence. This is the same pattern of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has given everything. The deed is done. The sacrifice has been made. What is He inviting you to do? Have you talked with our Father lately to find out? Are you listening to the whisperings of the Spirit to know? Are you relying on the Atonement of the Only Begotten Son to accomplish, to do, to become? I know that this gospel is true and at times we have to make the effort, make the first step and become what Heavenly Father wants us to become!

     Anyway, this week has been great, we visited a menos active member and she owns a little store and every time we visit she usually gives us a present or sells us something for really cheap when its suppose to be more. Well this time she gave us a paper bird, its gigantic, i have no idea how i am suppose to send this thing home, but its crazy. Oh so i had a great idea, this is for the families that want something from Mexico, send me a pack age (with stuff in it from USA, if you don't know what to send call my mom, she has a list of my favorite candy and stuff) anyway, send the package and in that same package i'll stuff it full of knick knacks from mexico and something for the family!! and then send it back :) 

    We had a baptism this week in the other ward, it was so beautiful. The sister that was getting baptized had such a beautiful smile and you could feel her spirit radiating from her. She was so excited to get baptized, it was kinda funny when she was baptized, so she is what we call gourdita, which means a little fat. Well the elder that was baptizing her was about half her size probably a little more and he had to baptize her 4 times before she finally made it under the water. There were waves in the font going back and forth and the elder was soaking wet. It was precious at the same time, because she was so happy and glad that she was baptized. 

    So we had Cambios (transfers) I am staying in my area but receiving a new companion, talk about being scared out of my wits!!! My new Companion is Hermana Vasquez, she is from Puebla, and everyone says that she is a great missionary and has the spirit with her always. I'm excited to be working with her and get to know her. But I also have to teach her the area as well, oh that's going to be interesting, i get lost so easily. Anyway, I am eager to go and learn and do all that I can in this area. Before we went and got my new companion, a sister in the ward took us out to eat and we had octopus..........OH it was so Delicious!! I was happy, and now i am even more happy! It was great.

   This week has been awesome!  Do, Become, Act!!

 Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Paper Bird

New Member


Hermana's and Member

The District

Sunrise? / Sunset?





Shrimp & Octopus

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