Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, April 28, 2014

4/28/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

  Well this week has been great and i learned a lot. First off a quote from Elder Dallin H. Oaks, he says:

    "To know is not enough, To testify is to know and say, To be converted is to do and become." 

   Now read it again but slower, What i know is not total, what i testify is what i say but when i am converted, is when i act. What have you done this week to be converted?  have you prayed, earnestly asking specifically, this is important, specifically, the Lord is specific, love one another, obey my commandments etc. This week I have become closer to being converted, I am realizing what it takes to have the fullness of the gospel in our lives. 

   I was talking with my companion and finding out a little bit about her family, and her parents were married in the temple, but are separated when she was 15 or 16 which was about 6 years ago, and she told me that when she wanted to serve a mission she wanted her parents there with her, through everything, she told how happy she was when her mom decided to go to church with her. She then expressed her joy to me when she said that she had her father also attend and they were all in church, she was thrilled and excited and receives letters from them and they are still in church. 

   Stop and realize your families in this moment, where you are and how blessed you have been for everything. Families are so important to Heavenly Father, this is how we are to live after Death with Him and our Families! I love my family so much! The families here are broken, separated, hurt, trying to find out where they are, and just striving to make it through the day.  Then there are families that are happy, and feel the joy of the gospel. oh if i could just plant the seed of this gospel in the hearts of others what joy and peace they could have.

What´s the difference between a seed and a pebble everyone? The seed GROWS. If you´re spending your time and energy and heart and thoughts on something and it isn't growing, or progressing, or bringing you REAL joy, maybe you´re watering and nurturing a rock. Go find a seed. I promise you there´s a good one in The Book of Mormon. Try it out!

 This week we had a couple visitors in our house namely Cockroach, we had at least 4 maybe 5 i can't remember but we were looking for one of the little buggers for about 30 minutes and we couldn't find it, turns out he was hiding in my BED!!! aaaaagggggggghhhhhhh, i was antsy all night! i wanted to sleep on my desk.  We also have what is called heat, and when you walk in it all day, you sweat, and smell. One day, my companion and i were walking i could feel the sweat dripping down my back and my face, we had little rags to wipe off the sweat and they were drenched, we started laughing and it was just funny that we were so hot and sweating like crazy i looked like a red tomato and my companion was just wet looking, it was the best! 

   I love you all thank you for reading my letters. The foto of the house with the cows is for Anna, this lady had at least 50 cow figures in front of her house, and more in her house! I thought of Anna and Richard old and in a house full of cows. Also the foto of the little dog is for Emma and Brady, there are so many little dogs that think they are the king of their territory. This week has been awesome and i promise more pictures next week!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Cockroaches Everywhere - Even in My Bed

Here a Cow, There a Cow, Everywhere a Cow........

A Red Tree

Chiwawa - King of the House

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