Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

7/14/2014 - Los Pinos Letter

Listen to the Spirit, Baptism!!!

Hey Everyone,

   So this week has been extremely interesting for me and lets just say difficult. So feel sometimes that i don't understand Spanish at all and that i can't speak it as well. We had a lunch with an investigator this week and so we confirmed the lunch and everything was hunky dory. Anyway a day before another sister told me that we were to eat with another sister and that it was more important to eat with them. So being the Senior Companion, i decided that okay we will change the lunch and we will eat with the investigators on Saturday because we don't have anyone. 

  The next day during personal Scripture study i was sick to my stomach i couldn't help but keep thinking about the food and that it just didn't feel right to cancel for the Investigator. Anyway, i read a scripture in 2 Nefi, where it says that Heavenly Father is all knowing and that he is the Highest and he will bring the haughtiest man down to humility and the proud man down to his knees. So i had a thought and it was clear as day it said "NEVER CANCEL A LUNCH WITH AN INVESTIGATOR, THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO ME" and i put it in caps because it literally felt like that. I knew i had done something wrong. I started to plead with Heavenly Father to forgive me and after i felt a little better but still something wasn't right. 

  I should have called back and re-asked for the Lunch. But i didn't thinking that i had already called and the other sister was waiting for us. Anyway, we went on our way and we went to this sister house and she was not ready for us. She had heard the day before that we had someone already and so didn't prepare anything. I felt so ashamed and I knew that i had made a huge mistake. I felt like I no longer had a place with Heavenly Father. I am a Missionary, i have the responsibility for the salvation for everyone in my area, and i didn't listen to the spirit, i wanted to crawl into a corner and cry. I let Him down. 

   We later visited the Family that we were suppose to eat with and they had prepared the food the day before and were so excited to have us, and then i called and cancelled so that was an awkward feeling as well. Anyway, this family has been taught by the missionaries for 6 years, that is a long time. They have had problems and questions and everything you can think of, from Baptisms for the Dead to who we will accept in the next life if we have had more than one spouse (Matt 22) and they had had many many missionaries. My companion told him that we thought he would be ready to be baptized today. We waited for a while and he said yes! Holy Smokes!!! he said YES!!!!!!

   We put together a baptism in 4 hours with talks and a musical number. every missionary in our District came and the Zone Leaders!! they wanted to see if this was possible. It was amazing to watch him be baptized, i really can't explain in words how i felt. I just knew that i never want this family to astray, I felt an intense love for them and i knew that there will be mistakes. There will be people who will say that I speak bad Spanish, there will be times where we feel like we are going no where with our investigators, there will be times where i just want to cry and plead with Heavenly Father to change their hearts let them know how much you love them. I love this family very much and they want to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. 

   I love the Gospel, it gives us a chance to grow and become who Heavenly Father needs us to be in this life. I know we will make mistakes, the only way to learn is if we get back up and keep moving. I know this is true, I know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return and live with him again. I love this work and I know that hard work and obedience we can do all things and the Lord will bless us. 

   Thank you for everything, I love you all. 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

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