Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7/28/2014 - Los Pinos Letter

Another Week, Another Chance

Hey Everyone,

   How are you all doing?  Things here in the south are pretty hot, and sweaty. Well, we have had an interesting week. My companion is a little sick, so we had to visit the hospital twice this week and she has been diagnosed with first gastritis and second an infection in her throat, so yeah that was fun. So she doesn't quite feel that good all the time and it's really hard for her to work out in the heat and the sun so she sleeps quite a bit and I have the opportunity to study as well. Its been great i have had a lot of fun reading the scriptures and just diving into them and reading as much as i could. 

  I now know what it means to have a thirst for the Word of God, it's just something that you can't satisfy, you're constantly reading and looking for new things and trying to find the definition or explanation of how to understand a principle of the Gospel and it's just been incredible. I absolutely love reading the scriptures and knowing that we can receive guidance to lead us through our challenges. I know that it has been hard and difficult sometimes but we really try and focus on what we can do to help others and put away our childish doubt and uncertainties, we can come full circle in knowing that Heavenly Father needs us to do something important and all we have to do is discover what that is. 

   Also this week we had an activity that the missionaries put on, it was us in Los Pinos, and two other wards and their missionaries, well those in our district. And it was great we had the opportunity to have classes and activities it was great, there were also donuts at the end, so the Elders decided to see if they could shove the whole donut into their mouth, well i took a video it was hilarious and then I did with another Elder and lets just say that I beat him, it was pretty funny i didn't realize how fast i could eat it until i watched the video after it was hilarious. haha it was the best. 

   Anyway, it was a good week, i am excited to be here and i love the people they are amazing and i know that this has been a wonderful chance for me and I love it. Everyday is a new day, we can only learn from the past, act on it today, and plan for the future. I love you all thank you. 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

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