Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/2014 - Los Pinos Letter

Hey Everyone,

   Well we are feeling the affects of some hurricane in the ocean, because its been raining like crazy, and there have been floods in the streets and Rivers in the sidewalks. Lets just say that its crazy and yet amazing as well. Last night we had a thunderstorm, and the thunder was so loud or strong that it shook our little house and our windows started to shake, it was incredible. So i bought 3 very large garbage bags for the price of 10 pesos, it was great, i cut holes in the top and wear it like a poncho, It was fun!

   So we have cambios/transfers and I am staying here in Los Pinos! yeah, but my companion left and i have a new companion, her name is Hermana Brown, yup from the United States and only has 4 months in the mission, she is excited and has a beautiful smile that never ceases. Oh i am a little nervous, i am not that confident in the language and not sure about the new leadership position and I hope that I can fill the shoes that Heavenly Father wants me to fill. 

   We have a little old woman in our ward, and when i mean little i mean she comes up to my waist and she is about 85 and still kicking. Her husband left her for another woman after their last child was born, she has 6 children, and she was converted when she was 33 years old. We shared a lesson with her and at the end she shared her testimonio with us and very strong and affirmative she said that she knew this church was true and that she will be able to live with Heavenly Father afterwards. 

   So I was thinking, of all the hardships in life, that we receive or experience what is the most important thing in our life, what is it that we cherish, that we want to remember when we leave this life. This little old woman, had many hardships, her children are not members and maybe a few of her grandchildren but she knows that Heavenly Father is her Father in Heaven and that she will one day live with him for eternity and have happiness that no words can describe. 

   Anyway, I know that this church is true, i know that Heavenly Father is always there for us, as said in John 14:18, and that Jesus is our Brother and i am so happy that  i a small part to work here in Culiacan and share his gospel. I love you all thank you. 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

p.s. sorry no pictures i couldn't upload them, sorry.

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