Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/26/2015 - Mazatlan Letter

Hey everyone!

  Wow this week has been incredible, i have learned so much. We have been talking with pretty much everyone in the streets here and we haven't had many return visits but we narrowed down families that we met, and they are fantastic. We were able to teach one family about the Plan of Salvation and they all just were eating it up the first visit we left pamphlets about it and their daughters ran upstairs when we started and came rushing back with the pamphlets in their hands saying 'we read this today!' oh so excited, another family we taught about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was just the mom and her older son, but the lesson was simple, clear and full of the spirit, at the end we asked the mom if she would pray to know if these things are true, and then we asked if she would be baptized, she said yes! we were on the tips of our toes the whole week, just floating on by. 

   We also were able to have a really good ward activity! super fun. I am so happy to be here and grateful for the chance to share the gospel, it has both blessed my life and others around me, i can see people change from where they are and how sad they are feeling to just being happier and smiling the whole time. I love it! This is the last week of transfers and my companion has only one more left so she will probably be going somewhere else, i will be in this area now for 4 transfers, about half of my mission in this area. whoa, and i already have people asking me if i can get married here. super funny. Anyway, i hope that everyone is doing alright, if you get the chance ask the missionaries in your ward to teach you the lessons so that you can share with your friends, or accompany the missionaries to a lesson, they would love that! I love you all, have a good week and don't forget to smile!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

sorry no pictures, i couldn't upload them, next week!

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