Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5/5/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

   Well this week was packed with so many stories and interesting things, i think i'll start with the food, Tostilocos!!! oh my goodness its so good, its like nachos in a bag but better and not nachos, but candy and just heaven. Also i had Chamoy Hielo, that was good as well, i am writing down how to make the food here so i can share when i get home, aha this is going to be great, we could have a big party and i can cook food! hehehe, i love to cook/bake/eat. 
   We had Dia de Niños here, and its way bigger than the other holiday, which i can't remember right now, oh wait yeah 5 de mayo, ha they don't really celebrate this holiday, Estados Unidos does and that's about it. Anyway, they have huge fiestas for this day for the Children and they had pinata's and movies, and games, its great! there is a picture of on of the hermana's throwing candy into the group of the children, it was like she was feeding birds, they were all squealing and grabbing candy, it was great! They also watched a movie RIO 2!!! aaagggghhh, RIO is my favorite movie and when i saw what they were watching i flipped! i like "what is this movie?!?!, when did it come out?!?!" secretly i wanted to stay and read the subtitles in the movie, but we didn't we went to our app ointments. It was great! They also had thier pillows and blankets on the ground, and i couldn't but help think about our activity of "pillows and blankets" for FHE and eat pizza and play games and watch a movie together as a family, oh what sweet memories I love them all!

   So we have this fence next to our apartment and normally you can't go through it because a really un-normally skinny person would only be able to fit through. and we have investigators on the other side of the fence and we would have to walk all the way around to get to them about 10 min walk or a 5 second walk through the fence, well we found one of the bars in the corner is bent just enough for a normal person to get through it was great! Also we had a really good dinner last night, toast, jam, eggs, popcorn, cucumbers, and peanut butter, we had a contest for throwing the popcorn in the air and catching them it was fun. 

  So we had Volleyball this morning and it was so much fun, although i am feeling really burned right now, hehe oh well, it was great we played with the youth and afterwards we formed the letters MAMI for espanol and MOM for english for Mothers day this week! It was great, everyone was helpful and we had fun playing and forming the letters.  

 Thought for the day!!  Alma 17-27 story of my life as a missionary, read it!  but  the one scripture i want to share is the first ch. 17 vs. 3. after the mission all his friends were still strong in the church and what joy Ammon had, they had much prayer and fasting for one thing, the spirit of God, with this they could do anything. All of you who have been baptized and made that promise with the Lord to always have his spirit with you, remember that it can be taken away, and the only way to keep it is to do what is right, and ask for it with muh prayer and fasting. I know this is true, my heart is full and filled with a joy that is indescribable, its something that you have to feel for your self. This gospel is true, i know and i cannot not deny it. 

  I love you all and remember to Work Hard, Do your Best, Never Give Up and Stay Strong!

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Chips and Salsa

Pillows and Blankets

Pinata Time

The 'Back Door'

Dinner with French Toast

Popcorn Popping

Volleyball with the Hermana's

Volleyball with the Hermana's



Happy Mother's Day

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