Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6/2/2014 - Los Pinos Letter

Wheelchair Crisis, Sweat, Tree's

Hey Everybody,

  This is going to be short again, we looked for a computer place for about an hour and i can't upload fotos sorry. Anyway, my companion sprained her foot really bad and at first she had a cane and hobbled around for a day or two. Then we visited the Doctor and he gave her some medicine for the pain and for her tendons and muscles to heal. The next day she was throwing up constantly, anything she ate it came back up. So we headed to the hospital and she received more medicine and a shot to stop her throwing up. We then had the blessing of having someone give us their Wheelchair. So now i am pushing my companion everywhere to our lunches and lessons. 

   Its great, however, in Culiacan it is way hotter and humid, your clothes are wet or feel wet and sticky and its impossible to get dressed with dry clothes. So this week has been pretty crazy, oh also i crashed my companion. on accidente. Anyway, we were going down a really steep hill and this dog came out of nowhere barking at us and i freaked out so i pushed my companion into the street more so we could get away and there was a section of the road that was really a huge gaping hole, how i didn't see this is incredible. So we collided with the huge hole and my companion went flying and i fell on the chair so i have bruises on my legs, but my companion thankfully was not hurt, besides her sprained ankle. 

  It was hilarious and we got together and ran down the street with the dog following us. I don't know why, but dogs don't like mailmen and missionaries. We have a great ward and there is this one sister who wants to teach me how to make food! oh i am so excited! The work is moving forward we had 4 investigators in church!!!!! ha ha and i never saw them before during the week, so i am excited to be able to get to know them, they wanted to go to church on Sunday but didn't know what church so they prayed as a family and they decided to go to the Mormons! ha ha who would of known, anyway, we have a great ward, 45 members in church! and we have a little bit of the little ones 0-30 and then the young ones from 30-70 years old and the older folks from 80-100, its amazing! I love it

  So this week has been amazing. I love it here and excited for the challenges in front of me and know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. My District Leader, Elder Serna, in San Jose, said that this is our time, we don't have the opportunity to return again to serve like this, with our spouse yes, but solo never. Take every moment and know that if we work hard and obey the commandments of the lord, we will be blessed (D&C 130, the last verses, i think)  I know that its hard and if we focus on why we are really here and think more of a tree, we are firm and have Jesus Christ in our lives and can have the potential to grow outward and be beautiful, where as the ocean is just there it doesn't grow and tho it is beautiful to look at, it has no potential to grow, i know we are like a trees, i can be a tree! we have so much potential and all we have to do is rely on the lord and know that he is there for us. 

  I love you all, thanks for your support and love. 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

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