Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, June 30, 2014

6/9/2014 - Los Pinos Letter

Hey Everyone,

   This week has been hard if not difficult at some times. The desire to work and to go out and teach the people hear about the gospel is amazing, but its hard.  I love that before the mission everyone talks about how wonderful it is and the spiritual experiences you will have, what they don't tell you is how sleepy you are after every meal so the next lesson that you have you sleep through and its literally impossible to stay awake. I've probably studied Lehi's dream at least a couple times during the week. One time we were talking with a lady and she started talking and continued talking for quite a while, the temperature was perfect and it was right after we ate, so i started to doze and then nod and completely fell asleep, the next thing i remember was she asked me to say the prayer i said thank you, and started to pray and i really don't remember the prayer as well, so probably fell asleep in that part too. I just remember that oh i am giving the prayer, and i closed really fast. 

    It was crazy, anyway, my companion couldn't leave the house at all and so that was really hard to sit all day waiting to do something but couldn't. We had the members help us out and give us rides or come with me and help me out  in the lessons. That has been amazing, i definitely learned more Spanish when i start the lessons and take the lead in them. The members are great we have about 10 women in relief society and only 4 or 5 of them can help because they are not the grand women of the ward.  Anyway, it has been amazing that they are here to help. The Members of the ward play a great key in keeping investigators in the church and becoming friends and sharing the gospel in their lives.

    So i have my English hymn book and my Spanish hymn book and the words are different most of the time, but i really like the Spanish for clear and direct, and English for explaining and almost a poem. One song stood out to me, its number 140 ´'did you think to pray' and in Spanish its 81, ¿pensaste orar? the first phrase in Spanish is something like this, (with fervor did you think to pray this dawn). i love the first couple of words, - with fervor did i pray? I was also thinking about the missionaries in the Book of Mormon, Ammon and Alma and when they returned and saw each other again, in Alma 17:3 it says they had dedicated with much prayer and fasting, therefore they had the spirit of prophecy and revelation and when they taught they taught with the power and authority of God. I love this, because when we truly pray with Heavenly Father he answers our prayers with love and wants to help us with everything. I know that when we have the intentions to do good and to follow the example of Jesus Christ that we in turn will have miracles in our lives and we will see the light of Christ shine through our eyes and we will come to know a little bit more about what we need to do here and prepare to meet our Heavenly Father again. 

  I love you all and i know that it will just be a short time to serve the lord but oh what joy and happiness fills my heart when i have the opportunity to share the gospel and help other people. All i want to do is Smile the whole time ha i love the one scripture in 2 Nefi i think, (Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal) Smile! 

Always Happy and Smiling,

Hermana Newmeyer
Ronald Dahl "if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." 

Sister Brande in my home ward shared this quote with me and i love it!! So i had to share it again! thank you Sister Brande.

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