Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1/27/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hey Dad,

Wow its been a week and the time has already flown by. Its amazing here and I can't believe the place i've been and what the people are living in. They are so humble and always see the good in everything.  There are dogs everywhere, i saw this dog that looked like moe and it was the scarriest thing i have ever seen, it was like no hair and what little hair it did have was like a toupae on someones head just right along the back side. I had real mexican food for the first time a couple of nights ago........ it was delicious!!!!!!!! I love the food, its amazing what they make iwht so little and it fills you up right away. i haven't got sick yet but i know it will come, i just have to wait.  I also recieved a good tan or burn line whatever you want to call it. hahaha you will get a kick out of this so i washed my clothes by hand for the first time and i loved it, really tiering and hard, especially when the sink feels like its down to your knees and you have to bend over, my companion is a pro, she did all her laundry and half of mine in under an hour, i was impressed. We do have warm  water for the showers which is really nice but it floods all the time so the bathroom  floor is like a tub we have to mop it everytime and only take about 5/10 min showers or it will come into the rest of the apartment.  The language is hard but I can understand them and get the general idea as to what they are saying. but i can't speak anything, its hard especially when you want to express yourself to others or ask a question, also my vocabulary needs to expand, but that's okay my goal is two months to be able to speak the language and understand the people enough to give lessons and testify of christ. 

So a little bit about the people, they are awsome we are teaching this one sister, Martha, and she is in a wheelchair with only one leg, she lost her other one to cance, she lives in a concrete hut with a thactched roof. its tinier than our tv room, about a third of it and she has a big stove and two tables where she puts her food and dishes, she has a fridge, tiny and a sink, but she can barely reach it because of her wheel chair. Oh and she has about 12 dogs and 6 cats, and lives on a dirt hill intbetween two big houses.  She is amazing, she is grateful for everything. We were teaching her about the restoration and we watched the video of it the short version and at the end my compainon said some things and then i caught her saying that my compaion is now going to testify, i propbably looked like a deer in the headlights and i remember thinking just start talking and the lord will help,  i said,  I don't know much spanish but i know this is true, i know the lord loves us and is looking over us. I know that he wants us to live with him. I know that he has restored the church here on earth. This is ture, I know it is true, I know with all my heart and soul.  That was about it and the spirit was so strong and i could see that he r coutenance had changed and that she felt the spirit as well. It was great, and then i didn't understand anything else afterwards, but i know i can do it, i just have to wait and be patient and listen. 

Thats about it, sorry for the misspelled words, im using a spanish keyboard and its is a little different so i keep pushing the wrong buttons sometimes. I love your picture of the Gilbert Temple i can't wait to go through it when i come back, i am meeting missionaries who have about a month left and they say don't rush, it goes by so fast and that pretty soon ill be home. They are awesome they know what to do and they can talk the language and understand the people. I love it here, I am happy, excited, tired, and feel great. I know this church is true, I know it is hard, I know that challenges are coming, I know i will fall on my knees, but I also know that God loves me and wouldn't put anything in front of me that is too hard. I know he lives.

Love always, 

Hermana Newmeyer

Hermana Ruiz

Hermana Newmeyer

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