Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2/17/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hey Dad,

  Wow this week has been amazing and wonderful and hard and tiring all at once. So along with dogs that roam the streets there are also cows, and crazy ones too. Me and my companion were walking and just talking and we turned the corner and almost ran into it, it was just sitting there eating out of the trash and its eyes were red and it was really fat, like bloated, and my companion said that it was enfermo, sick, we made sure to stay away, it was crazy.  

   We also had a zone meeting this last week and it was great we learned so much well i listened and then my companion explained later in easier terms what we learned and then i learned much. Anyway, it was great, they were passing out mail and i guess for the missionaries on the peninsula they have to wait for the mail to arrive at the president's office and then every month or every six weeks they send all of it over and they pass it out to the elders and hermana's.  So many blessings this week, first, my bag ripped wide open and i needed another one and we were teaching a less active member and she owned a small store and she had a backpack that she had bought for about 200 pesos and said that i could have it for 100 pesos, i was so happy, its a lovely bright pink American princess bag, i love it. Anyway, so that was one miracle, the next i had lost my favorite bow earrings from DisneyWorld and then about two weeks ago i love my favorite pink earrings and this past couple of days i lost another one and it was in the apartment and i looked everywhere, i mean i looked and i couldn't find it, so i closed my eyes and said a little prayer in my heart and i heard some thing on my dresser and i opened my eyes and there was the lost earing, there was no way it could have been there a few seconds ago but there it was, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that Heavenly Father cares even about the littlest problems that we have and if we bear it with patience and a good attitude he will bless us, i was going to accept the fact that I don't need earrings to do lesson's and i can go on but the lord blessed me and I am ever so grateful. It's amazing that by small and simple things the lord brings about his work. 

  So this past week was valentine’s day, yeah! and my companion and i made cards for our investigators and menos active members and we took strips of paper and rolled each one and then we wrote Feliz Dia de San Valentin de Hna Ruiz y Hna Newmeyer, on 25 cards, it took a while, but we had pizza at Soriana (like Walmart) and we made the cards there in the cafeteria area and everyone saw us making them and we just rolled away and kept making them. We then bought heart shaped Palpas (i think) they are succors, and we walked and delivered all of our cards and succors, it was fun everyone liked them. So we had two of our investigators come to church and it was wonderful we were able to show them around and all of the rooms and they are a great family. Hna Laura and her son Israel (11) who is 4 foot really tiny but normal here. Anyway, we have been teaching them for the past two weeks and hopefully they will feel that this is right we have their baptism date for March 22, but they have to come to church for 5 weeks in order to be baptized. We also have this other Hna Conchita/ Concepcion, just think of Sheyla and this is who she is, just friendly and really great and wonderful. She owns her own Lavandaria (Laundromat) and so its opened most of the time and so we are able to talk to her more often.  Anyway, we are still working on getting her to come to church.  

  Anyway, for 'P' day today we cleaned out the fridge and the freezer had this huge ice chunk in it and i broke it off. We also had found some coupons for burger king and they were a really good deal so we picked up a couple for the hermanas and the other elders and we ate at Burger King, oooohhh so good, let’s just reminisce for a minute, its like In'n'Out here, i miss good hamburgers, the hamburgers here are just tiny and not even meat i think they are mashed up intestines but there good. I really like Chirozo, mix that with your eggs in the morning with tortillas, mmmm so good. I love it here, we have transfers next week or so and i really hope that i stay with my companion in this area, i am finally understanding through body language what most people are saying and a little of what they are actually saying as well. I love the people here, sometimes i am walking and i see people and i have to do a double take because they look just like my friends back home but Mexican version. It’s weird. 

   I love the work, I love the people, I want to do all that I can. I have been blessed with hard times and with good times. I keep thinking of what Elder Holland said "Salvation is not a cheap experience, why would we think it was ever going to be easy when it was never ever easy for Him," I testify that the Lord Savior Jesus Christ lives, and that he hears and answers our prayers and is always there for us. I know that this Gospel is true, I know that this is hard, I know that the Lord blesses those who keep the Commandments and Endure to the End. I know He lives. I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

  I love you Dad, I pray for everyone in my prayers, all the family. This is it, I am here on a mission, my heart’s desire since i can remember. I'm doing it Dad, and it’s amazing, fun, hard, difficult, wonderful and spiritual all at once. Thank you for being there for me. I love you.

Love Always,

Hermana Newmeyer

Street in San Cabos

New Pink Back Pack

Zone Conference

Valentine's Day Cards

Mickey Mouse Tree

Burger King with the Elders

Burger King with the Hermana's

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