Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3/3/2014 - San Cabos Letters & Pics

Hey Everyone!!

   This week has been Crazy!! First off we had tons of appointments this week and they were separated from one end of our area to the other and sometimes you can reach the area with the bus and other times it's walking up hill both ways to reach the person.  Anyway we started out and house after house no one was home and our appointments started to dwindle and our backup plans were not coming through. It was hot and long and I sweated.  It was looking pretty bleak, kinda like my first week except i looked like a deer in the headlights then and now i look Chinese because my eyes are almost closed because the sun is so bright.  
   We had a service project this past week and we painted a whole house!! that was exciting, it was fun, we were there from 3 in the afternoon to 9.30 at night, it was long and very exhausting, but it was fun. We painted our investigators house, i painted the whole front part with a small hand brush, so that was great practice for my karate. I kept thinking while i was painting, "wax on, wax off," It was great, we had a member help and a menos active member come to. My clothes were speckled with white dots of paint and my shoes looked really cool! Haha my glasses were the best i was surprised that i could look through them. It was a great service project and I prayed that the whole family would come to church that Sunday and feel the spirit. 

    Anyway, we changed houses this past Saturday and that was exciting we had a small ford pick up and another tiny car to help move our two dressers, two beds plus frames, two tables, a small refrigerator, antique desk, fans, and five big boxes that had all of our missionary stuff, oh also our personal belongings suitcases and blankets. Anyway we piled everything in the back of the tiny pick-up and of course not everyone packs like Dad, so i was starting to get stressed because we only put our beds in and some other boxes and there was already no room so, here in Mexico they just pile everything on top and then tie it down with cords tied together to make one long rope. 

   So there we were going down steep, and i mean steep hills with Topes on top of that, topes area like speed bumps in america but worst, if you go to fast the back of your car kinda does a small air lift and then comes crashing down and anything not tied down flies off. So we had all of our stuff piled on top and tied down and i was watching it the whole time. I'm pretty sure i lost some hair during the experience. 

 Anyway we made it to our new apartment which i have dutifully nicknamed it Araña Casa, I already have two bites on my leg, hopefully i'll get powers like Peter Parker. That would be cool. Anyway, that was the end of our week and we had Sunday the next day and we had invited our investigators to church and to activities the whole week and some come and most of the time they don't show. You are lucky to your investigators in church. So the next morning around 8 we got a call saying we had three investigators at church waiting for us. So we quickly got ready and heady over. It was great they were the three children of a menos active member that we had been visiting with for the past three weeks. 

  During church we had a member come up and introduce her friend that she had invited to church so we swapped names and numbers and set up an appointment and she stayed for the whole three hours which was amazing!! So after church we waited for the next meeting because we had another investigator that liked to come to the later meeting. So we met her and she brought her little sister and another friend!! So we swapped names and numbers again and set up another appointment to teach her friend. It was fantastic we had 6 investigators in church!!! We were thrilled, after sacrament meeting our investigator had to leave so she left and the Elders were over the later ward and they said that there was an older man out side saying that we had invited him to church. 

    So we rushed outside and to our amazement it was a guy we had talked to when we bought water from him the other day during changing of apartments. He had lived in California and had attended Church for four weeks. Anyway, he stayed for the Gospel principles class and it was great and he had many questions, thankfully the Elders taught the lesson.  Afterwards he left and said that he would like us to teach him more. I was so happy!!! 

   It was about 4 in the afternoon and we headed over to an area and started to knock on the doors of menos active members and investigators. And my companion remembered a reference we had received earlier in the week and we headed over and there was a whole family inside. I said a silent prayer and they let us in!!! we taught them the first lesson and restoration of the gospel and it went great, me and my companion were on fire, we felt the spirit and it was just an awesome feeling during the whole day!  Thus we acquired 4 more investigators, so in totally we have 17 investigators. 

  This has been an amazing week, i can feel Heavenly Father helping me during the day, before my shoulder and back would hurt along with me feet. The language would be a struggle and i would cry sometimes to sleep because I couldn't understand anyone, and i wanted to help them so bad and talk with them about their week and their families.  The Lord truly loves his children, he wants us to touch certain individuals in our lives here on this earth and we can help them if we listen inside to the Holy Ghost.  The holy Ghost reveals all things that are true and that testify of Christ. 

    I know this Church is true I know that it is hard sometimes but the blessings at the end of the tunnel, is far greater and exceeds our imagination. This is truly an amazing experience, one i will not forget. I love you all, please remember who you are and where you came from. Thank you for being in my life. I love you all.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Hey Mom,

This week we changed apartments and we found a new internet place which is amazing! and now i can upload pictures way faster and email better.

This week has been crazy! but wonderful and full of blessings from Heavenly Father and I know that he is watching over me the whole time. Its been amazing. We didn't change transfers so i am staying here in San Jose!! so beautiful and in the same ward. We get a new elder because our district leader left for home this week he was excited and happy. The ward after ours was his and everyone was crying and they wrote him a letter and everyone signed it and they all sang to him it was great i want to be able to touch the hearts of the people like that. Anyway, i have a little book that i write what i am thankful for and its amazing how simple they are, like laying on the carpet in the theatre room, and just feeling the carpet between my toes and the softness and just laying there. Also another thing that I am grateful for is communication, sometimes its taken for granted and we read into everything so much, when its just a simple miscommunication.  

 There are a couple of lady's here that remind me of you and i just want to run up and hug them sometimes. Anyway, the lord has truly blessed me this week, i can feel my shoulders receive strength and my feet are not as sore from walking and my back can carry the weight of all of my stuff. The Lord is always with us and i have been too ignorant to see him and acknowledge him in everything that I do. 

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

Prepping to Paint

Painted House - 6 1/2 hrs Later

Speckled Shoes and Nametag

Speckled Glasses

Home Cooking - Chicken

New Apartment

New Neighborhood

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