Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2/10/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hi Dad, 

   I don"t know what to say other than its hard, especially when you are learning a new language. I can understand a little bit in the lesson's because of what type of material we are talking about, but other than that I can't understand anything.  It's challenging, and very difficult for me, the Elder here that is leaving in 3 weeks says he didn't fully understand the language until about 6 months in, i kinda felt downhearted about that.  Anyway, i am still working hard and trying to learn, i feel like i am not progressing and just staying put, and other times i understand the meaning of the sentence but don't know how to talk about it.  

   Anyway, we have a ton of new investigators this week and we asked all of them to be baptized they said yes, and we planned a date for them in 5 weeks, hopefully they will continue to want to take the lessons. We had young Women's in excellence here and they had asked me to play the piano for a special musical number, we have been practicing all week and we were almost late because we had one family that are our investigators, come and stay for about an hour and I was able to play the song, and then the daughter showed up for church! It was great. It's funny to see all the north Americans come to church from their vacations, and they are all red and dress real funny, anyway, some of them have been from Arizona but mostly from Utah. The touristy areas are weird feeling, because its not really Mexico, its just what American's think Mexico looks like, its beautiful and I definitely wouldn't mind coming back to vacation but the feeling is different, especially when you go more inland and really see the countryside, it looks just like home, desert, everywhere. But it also is beautiful in a way you can't explain. We had splits this week and i went to another area and it was good, i got to talk to Jehovah's Witnesses. That was an interesting story. So we are just sitting there and this guy comes up and asks if anyone speaks English, first thought: oh i know English, Second thought, why is someone asking for English speaking when they are in mexico, anyway i started talking with this man and he had a young man with him probably around my age and he was from Canada. He had come down to Mexico to preach as well. I thought wow, That's great! he had been here about a month and was learning the language as well, so i started talking to him in Spanish, (with what little i knew) and i found out he really didn't know much, and I had only been here for two weeks. I could see the Lord blessing me in helping me understand the language, poco a poco, (little by little) Sometimes i get so confused and wrapped up in how i feel and how I am not learning and I am not understanding, I need to focus on the needs of others, its hard and i feel sad sometimes but i know i can do this.

   Today for Preparation day we went to the Dolphin area and I got two pictures of one dolphin jumping in the air, i picked the best one. I also helped make tortillas it was good. I fell in the bus today that was exciting, the bus driver stopped suddenly and i flew out of my seat and almost hit another passenger, it was a little embarrassing but at least i wasn't in a skirt. Not much else to say this week, I'm excited for this upcoming week hopefully we will have more investigators and invite them to church. I love the people here, they are so nice. I am really tired, i haven't been feeling well lately, i think i am getting sick but i feel just fine anyway, I love you and I hope that all is well, i love hearing about home and everything you guys are doing. I love you thank you for your letters. They are always something that I need at that moment, thank you. i love you.


Hermana Newmeyer

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Jumping Dolphin

Swimming Dolphin

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