Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3/11/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Zone Meeting!! Investigadores!!......Cockroaches!?!?!?

Hey Everyone,

  Well this week has been crazy, not to say the least. We received a telephone call that President Velez wanted a zone meeting with everyone on the peninsula. We were so excited this meant a three hour bus ride to La Paz crammed with Missionaries from other districts. A time to catch up and talk wit Elders and Hermanas about the last time we meet. Anyway, we left Sunday in the afternoon and arrived in La paz at night it was great the sun was just setting and we were able to take a couple of photos of what seemed like paradise in that moment. In the morning we went running and took photos of the pier and the art work.

  President Velez talked with all of us the next day and taught us about pride, and being more intrepid!! with our investigators, about being bold and looking for families in the street to talk to and preach them the gospel.  I am excited to start work this week. Our bus ride back was about 4 hours long because the bus driver took a different way that was more curvy and lets just say that i got a little car sick and had a really bad headache, due to the fact of not eating enough, and not enough water and sleep, I had a really bad dream about ants. That was scary. Anyway we made it home and that day was suppose to be our preparation day and we didn't get a chance to  wash our clothes or the house. So i rigged up a light so i could see what i was washing in the dark. It was my flashlight tapped to a pole, i thought it was pretty smart. Anyway, that was exciting. 

  Today we went to San Lucas and took more pictures of the ocean and the american made mexico. Anyway, oh funny story we have visitors all the time in our house and lets just say that my companion is a little scared of them. It was hilarious the first time, i grabbed the broom and started to sweep it away and it ran underneath my be i had to get down and brush it out, once i did, my companion was standing in the doorway, and i swept it out and Hna Ruiz, jumped about 2 feet in the air squealing and shouting, anyway, that was the first one, the second one, she promptly ran to her bed and stayed there until i had swept it out the door and down the drain hole that we had. It was great next time i'll try and get a picture of it! 

  This week has been great, hard and difficult at sometimes and other times blissful and wonderful, i have made goals and i hope to accomplish them this week. I love my companion, she is amazing, patient and willing to help me, but sometimes i don't look for help and i am just quiet and don't say anything. I think this is kinda like the holy ghost, he is always there patient and willing to help but because we don't seek for help we don't receive the blessings from Heavenly Father, i could have the blessing of learning Spanish better but i don't because i don't seek help. Likewise, during our daily routines, sometimes we need to stop and seek the help and guidance of the Holy Ghost and the Help of Heavenly Father, it is okay to ask for help He is always there to help us and we need to let Him help us. 

  I love you all and i hope that you are doing great! I miss everyone. Please stay strong in the faith of Jesus Christ, know that He lives and is there for us. Look for opportunities to share his love.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer

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Zone Conference on the Peninsula

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