Cities and Companions

Cities and Companions

Monday, May 12, 2014

5/12/2014 - San Cabos Letter & Pics

Hey Everyone,

   This week was amazing, i loved every minute of it. My companion and I worked really hard and we had found 17 people in the street, it was great!  We had zone meeting and the sky was so beautiful in the morning with rays of pink, orange, and yellow, it reminded me of the Sunsets in Arizona! So beautiful, but i have the Sea with me hahaha.  Anyway, Its always fun to see the other elders, because right now my district is all Hermanas and two Elders, anyway, afterwards we headed to McDonald's because our food appointments were not there. 

  We headed to an area where it takes us 20 minutes or less to travel by bus and we found a small restaurant that all of the decorations had to do something with cows and there was a sign and i thought about Anna and her obsession with cows. It was pretty cool. We also found a really big Mascara Brush, haha it was great. So this Sunday was great, there is this family in the Ward, they are amazing! and they had bought crickets, candy crickets, and they wanted the "gringos" (this would be me and the other american hermana in our district) to try them. So yeah i had two crickets, ooooh lets just say i will not be trying them again, they tasted like soy sauce and dried grass mixed together with a hint of chicken, but i think that was just the sauce, or my imagination.  It was great i have two videos of me eating the crickets. 

  I also had the opportunity to have my family call me, it was great! It was wonderful to hear their voices and just know that they are there, and supporting me.  I didn't know how much i missed just hearing them and knowing they were on the other side of the phone, what a blessing to know that i can be with them for Eternity and share happiness with them and share a love that is much more and holds all of us together.  It is so hard, words cannot explain the feelings of a missionary, who walks everyday, to an appointment that might not be there, to teach people who in their hearts don't want to listen, to study more about Jesus Christ and become more like him.  Like Him we are rejected, neglected and turned away, Like Him we try everyday to reach out to the people and share this love, this happiness, this joy, this Gospel. Like Him, we know this is true.

  I know this gospel is true and though it is hard and trying at sometimes, the blessings and the fruit of this gospel are priceless, and endless. I know that Jesus Christ Lives and this gospel is true.  I love you all, thank you.

Always Happy,

Hermana Newmeyer


Zone Mtg

Zone Mtg

Brother Ronald


Skippity Doo-Dah

Candied Cricket

Talking with the Fam on the Phone

Our Kitchen

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